Upgrading Chapter 16

The dual notice of an incoming text and a knock at the door would have been an automatic Ino assumption, but there was no way Ino-pig would be up at seven am if she could help it. Not on a Sunday morning.

Sakura scowled at the shuffling in the hall she checked her phone… and then lurched for the locks a moment later.

“Gaara-kun!” she belted out as she pulled open the door because there stood Gaara alright. Hair shaggy and perma-frown in place. “Hi! Naruto said you’d be dropping by. If you give me a minute? I can get dressed.”

“… Fine. Hurry up, I’m getting you breakfast,” he said, and made himself comfortable against the wall.

Rolling her eyes, Sakura took two steps forward and hugged him tight. And just as quickly, she let go, stepping back to grin. “It’s good to see you again. Be right back!” Holding back a giggle at his huge eyes and slack mouth, Sakura slipped back into her dorm, shutting the door. Continue reading


Long time no see folks

Gah. So, no, there hasn’t been any serious writing done for a long long time. Fortunately for our sanity, we’ve started again.

*winces* We haven’t gotten back into Upgrading, but that’s a matter of time. What we have done though is stick our necks back into Depths, jumped into our original fic (Bloody Woman verse), rejuvenated a baby fic (Second Chances–not posted yet), and then started a micro-pairing (Itachi x Ino) that was taken over by a new joint obsession by the name of Kakuzu x TenTen. Which then spawned a potential drabble series that I’ll probably post straight to Tumblr (I can’t believe our joint tumblr page is more than three years old and I can still scroll to the first post with ease. Under-utilized much?).

Edit: I’m going to try to get back into the swing of using this blog. So, um, sorry, there may be a flurry of posts as I catch up on a year’s worth of work.

In the meanwhile, I’ve started posting Bottle Doc drabbles again on Tumblr. I don’t know if I’ve explained just what the Bottle Docs are, if I have, feel free to skip this: Continue reading

TMG: That Sparkly Thing of Yours

“Why is Cap giving me that Look?” Bursting into the workshop, Tony levelled a finger at Loki, brows rising in a half quirk of agitation and bemusement. “You know, that look of ‘Captain America is Disappointed in Your Decisions’ that’s heavily mixed with a dose of ‘You Ought to Know Better’ and a chaser of ‘I Believed in You’.” Continue reading

Upgrading Chapter 15

Somewhere out there, someone else was walking into work with the same kind of bone-creaking relief that Kankuro was experiencing, he was sure of it. He couldn’t be the only one seeing work as a refuge. Because home was certainly not safe. Not with his brother cooing at all the different spiders and the threat of Naruto showing up eminent.

It was a near thing though. He almost didn’t find a replacement for his shift yesterday, but Chizu was all too happy to switch for a Saturday off. Which left Kankuro with a full shift of constant dishes and a different shift manager.

For several hours, Kankuro blanked out. He roused himself out of the exhausted daze only when he realized someone was grabbing a dirty mug out of his hand. He blinked and made a half-hearted attempt to take it back.

“Sabaku-san,” the very tall manager said. “Your shift ended 15 minutes ago.”

Oh. Continue reading