Long time no see folks

Gah. So, no, there hasn’t been any serious writing done for a long long time. Fortunately for our sanity, we’ve started again.

*winces* We haven’t gotten back into Upgrading, but that’s a matter of time. What we have done though is stick our necks back into Depths, jumped into our original fic (Bloody Woman verse), rejuvenated a baby fic (Second Chances–not posted yet), and then started a micro-pairing (Itachi x Ino) that was taken over by a new joint obsession by the name of Kakuzu x TenTen. Which then spawned a potential drabble series that I’ll probably post straight to Tumblr (I can’t believe our joint tumblr page is more than three years old and I can still scroll to the first post with ease. Under-utilized much?).

Edit: I’m going to try to get back into the swing of using this blog. So, um, sorry, there may be a flurry of posts as I catch up on a year’s worth of work.

In the meanwhile, I’ve started posting Bottle Doc drabbles again on Tumblr. I don’t know if I’ve explained just what the Bottle Docs are, if I have, feel free to skip this: Continue reading


The Hemingway Editor – A Writing App!

Yeah, I know. I’ve left for so long, this site’s gotten dusty. Well, I’m back! And I’ve brought a gift!

Go check out the Hemingway Editor! The web version is free (I just used it), and it’s just lovely. I found it through Amanda’s tumblr post for the top 55 apps for writers. The best thing about the editor is that the focus isn’t on grammar or spelling, but phrasing. Take a look!

Aside from that, I’ll be posting some new material here. Gah. Poor site; so neglected.

Writhe vs. Wither


verb \ˈth\

: to twist your body from side to side


verb \ˈwi-thər\

of a plant : to become dry and weak

I read a lot of porn. Straight up, yes, lots of sex happens in the text that I read. Lots of happy happy fanfiction of characters who would never get in bed with each other, doing just that. And yet. Yet. There are times I wished they really hadn’t. Because ‘wither’.

Continue reading

OC Reference Sheets!

Tumblr is a wonderful thing. Besides offering hours of random thoughts, it tosses gems out like candy.

Today’s is a special case…

Jukeboxhound reposted about a site (https://charahub.com/refer/aefo) that helps organize your OC characters. I know most people in fanfiction don’t go near OCs, but if you ever develop the world past what the original creator fleshed out, this site is GOLD. It helps define what and who your OC is. From family links, to back story, to setting, dislikes, appearance, jobs, appearance, love interest, birthday, and finally FANDOM.

Who else has spent several thousand words on their character, but haven’t even thought of what the OC’s b-day was? *holds up hand* Guilty! Continue reading

Special SPAM


Normally, the junk mail I get is pretty normal. A computer saying that my post should get more traffic or that my “material” was helpful. I get a few each week and they get pretty boring to look at. This time, something just pulled out all the stops. I even got a different language!

three spam comments

The spam that made my day.

And yes, we are writing for Upgrading again. I just thought I’d drop by and update FFN. Cept Word is going through an identity crisis and insists that it isn’t licensed and wants to connect to Daddy through the web.
I don’t WANT Skydrive. That’s what G Docs is for… ARGH. (And yes, it’s licensed and no, it won’t connect)