Bunking Down

Sleeping here was not his first choice. Hell, it wasn’t even on the list of options as far as he was concerned. Except apparently his opinions didn’t count for squat today, or tomorrow, or for the rest of this ridiculous week.

Staring at the chaotic mess, Ed grunted when behind him Havoc cleared his throat. “Uh… you may wanna see if he’s got a clean room as opposed to a guest room,” the second lieutenant suggested sheepishly.

“What the hell is this?” Gesturing at the discarded shirts, dropped gloves, wrinkled pants–those had better be clean–Ed turned to look up at the taller man. “I’m sleeping at your place.”

Instead of sympathizing, Havoc shook his head. “I’ve seen what you do when you’re bored. Not a chance, boss.” Continue reading