A Good Team by Thorinsmut

I haven’t read this yet, but I’m sure I will. Because dear lord, I think I’m going to die laughing. Or cringing. One of the two.

(Look at those tags!)

While I'm looking for techno porn...

While I’m looking for techno porn…


Semaphore ~ by DevilDoll


If you have any interest, any inkling about Tony x Steve… You know how I was ranting about writing Steve Rogers? This story. THIS STORY. I’m converted. I’m done. Cooked. Baked. Grinning like a lunatic.

And I have this FANTASTIC song stuck in my head. http://youtu.be/sQRQwKICj94

WARNING: If you’re going to read the story (YOU WILL DO SO) then don’t hit that link until the song is mentioned. You will know it because it is the ONLY song that is mentioned in the entire story. Or, if you really wanna play safe, it’s after ‘Happy Birthday’.

Then they offer Bruce one of the bedrooms, because he appears to have no friends and nothing but a tattered backpack and a beat up laptop, and Tony gets tired of watching him slouch around SHIELD headquarters like a hobo.

Now if you all would excuse me…

*hits repeat*
(it’s a good thing i’ve got headphones on, Adam would totally throw plushies at me)

Observations ~ by jAnon

I can’t believe I haven’t noted this story yet. I am ashamed. Ashamed and guilty of with-holding greatness.
I mean, I have more recommendations for Trek, but this story needs an entry all on its own.

This is based on the 2009 Star Trek movie, but moving ahead along the original series’ timeline. Told through Spock’s POV. And yes, this is an eventual Kirk and Spock pairing, but it takes forever and a day, and I LOVE IT.

I won’t actually put a quote in here… because if I go searching for it, I will get sucked in. I haven’t read it for at least a year. And it’s EPIC. As in 427,041 words and COMPLETE.

It’s wonderful and amazing and detailed and imaginative and beautiful and, even more so than Bend around the Wind, it will take your soul and keep it for months.

Observations by jAnon

Fourth Wall ~ by entanglednow

Sam discovers fanfiction about them. Or more accurately, about Dean and Cas. Unfortunately, Dean finds out. Then Cas. And those two find pornstories of Sam… and someone else. Then that someone else finds out.

“I’ve also just discovered that you are carrying my child and I’m curious as to how they intend you to give birth-”

– Cas to Dean

So yeah, that’s said.

Fourth Wall by entanglednow folks! Ridiculous and sometimes fluffy.

Leave No Soul Behind ~ by whochick

They both raise their heads to take in the scene. There are maybe fifty EPAS crew working on stabilizing the wounded for transport. They are a sea of reflective piped suits. Reflective piped radiation suits.

Before either of them can say anything, McCoy appears waving his suited arms like a madman. “Son of a bitch, what the hell is wrong with you two?”

“Doctor …”

“Spock, I don’t care if you’re Vulcan or not, you can’t withstand this many rads without damage. And Jim!” McCoy raises his hands in supplication to whatever higher power might bear witness to this stupidity. “Just felt like a little stroll around ground zero did you?”

“Bones …”

“Both of you, beam out now, straight to decontam.” When neither of them move, he plants his hands on his hips and glowers. “Now!”

Found on Ao3. EPAS is essentially the rescue team. Think red cross and ambulance.

Kirk/Spock, AU/canon divergence, Just epic perfection.

I’ve been reading so much Bulma/Vegeta…

My phone has officially banned me from FF.net. I’m not even joking. I get a 404 error and it’s only on my phone. This happened… maybe in the past month. So in the end, I’ve almost completely switched over to Ao3.

I’m finding that the quality is better. Don’t get me wrong, FF.net is home to some awesome stories, written so well that I’m crying and whimpering and leaning forward until my nose is six inches from the screen… but on the average browse through, the quality of writing average is atrocious. However, that’s entirely my evaluation.

Now the last few months, I’ve been flying through a lot of fandoms, some of them for the first time. Continue reading