Explorations in Custom: Chapter 3

Three days after the wedding, Teal’c finally decided to approach his friends.  Mostly, he was concerned.  The only time either of them had been seen since that night was once, when Daniel went to consult Frasier about stitches.  Apparently he’d cut his hand on a broken glass.

That had been the beginning of Teal’c’s concern, but he trusted Jack, and he was very fond of Daniel.  And he respected them both, so he’d refrained from poking into it.  However, the general was getting impatient, and Ferretti wasn’t nearly as personable a leader as Jack.  If you could get away with calling Jack personable, that was. Continue reading


Explorations in Custom: Chapter 2

“I don’t care what you call that. It’s a dress to me.”

Jack was backed up into a corner, a delegate from one planet at the door and a representative of his local religion standing further away down the hall at the actual church/temple/whatever not important. Daniel, however, was right in front of him. Holding that.

“It’s a kimono,” Daniel corrected irritably. “And it’s traditional. We got engaged their way, I don’t see why we shouldn’t wed their way too. And before you say anything else, the general agrees with me. It’d be a fantastic opportunity to further the alliance between us and them. Now put. it. on.” Continue reading

Explorations in Custom: Chapter 1

A man knew his career had taken a twist for the strange, when it was actually a relief to see the team’s male translator and honorary geek decked out in a dress. What caused Jack’s brows to quirk, however, was the sight of Teal’c similarly outfitted.

“Do I want to know?” Continue reading