Business Partner Kakuzu (a Demon)

Things Kiba never fully explained about eating sea urchins:

  1. everything after tastes strange
  2. physical skills get a major upgrade
  3. hallucinations happen, often and intensely
  4. the unfamiliar seems hilarious
  5. finally, after you come around from passing out there’s a volcanic deep-sea vent that’s just moved into your brain case and wants you evicted.

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Claim the Prize Part 4 (raw)

Seriously, life couldn’t get any better than this.

Dropping the summoning scroll back into the pack, Hidan grinned as Hinata’s eyes narrowed as he stalked back over to her.

“You don’t look like a pampered brat,” he mused, cocking his head, letting his gaze run from her drenched crown to her clenching white toes. The cloak was dampener, in more than a few ways. That was gonna have to go.

For a split second, Hinata’s sharply in-drawn breath was the only sound in the cave, as even Kakuzu had paused to watch. Then her hands clenched in sodden black cloth and her chin lifted. “I hardly care what your opinion of me is,” she spat back.

Humming, Hidan had to agree. She didn’t have to. It just happened that his expectations of her had started high and so far, she’d done nothing but delight him. Continue reading

TMG: That Sparkly Thing of Yours

“Why is Cap giving me that Look?” Bursting into the workshop, Tony levelled a finger at Loki, brows rising in a half quirk of agitation and bemusement. “You know, that look of ‘Captain America is Disappointed in Your Decisions’ that’s heavily mixed with a dose of ‘You Ought to Know Better’ and a chaser of ‘I Believed in You’.” Continue reading

The Hemingway Editor – A Writing App!

Yeah, I know. I’ve left for so long, this site’s gotten dusty. Well, I’m back! And I’ve brought a gift!

Go check out the Hemingway Editor! The web version is free (I just used it), and it’s just lovely. I found it through Amanda’s tumblr post for the top 55 apps for writers. The best thing about the editor is that the focus isn’t on grammar or spelling, but phrasing. Take a look!

Aside from that, I’ll be posting some new material here. Gah. Poor site; so neglected.

Upgrading Chapter 15

Somewhere out there, someone else was walking into work with the same kind of bone-creaking relief that Kankuro was experiencing, he was sure of it. He couldn’t be the only one seeing work as a refuge. Because home was certainly not safe. Not with his brother cooing at all the different spiders and the threat of Naruto showing up eminent.

It was a near thing though. He almost didn’t find a replacement for his shift yesterday, but Chizu was all too happy to switch for a Saturday off. Which left Kankuro with a full shift of constant dishes and a different shift manager.

For several hours, Kankuro blanked out. He roused himself out of the exhausted daze only when he realized someone was grabbing a dirty mug out of his hand. He blinked and made a half-hearted attempt to take it back.

“Sabaku-san,” the very tall manager said. “Your shift ended 15 minutes ago.”

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Upgrading Chapter 14

At first, he didn’t know why he was awake. Hell, he wasn’t even sure what his name was, never mind what time it was. Then he heard the ringing of his cell and he rolled over, arm snaking out and silencing it.

For a moment there was peace, and he dropped back asleep.

Only for the ringing to drag him up again with a vengeance.

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