Claim the Prize Part 4 (raw)

Seriously, life couldn’t get any better than this.

Dropping the summoning scroll back into the pack, Hidan grinned as Hinata’s eyes narrowed as he stalked back over to her.

“You don’t look like a pampered brat,” he mused, cocking his head, letting his gaze run from her drenched crown to her clenching white toes. The cloak was dampener, in more than a few ways. That was gonna have to go.

For a split second, Hinata’s sharply in-drawn breath was the only sound in the cave, as even Kakuzu had paused to watch. Then her hands clenched in sodden black cloth and her chin lifted. “I hardly care what your opinion of me is,” she spat back.

Humming, Hidan had to agree. She didn’t have to. It just happened that his expectations of her had started high and so far, she’d done nothing but delight him. Continue reading


Discarded Draft: Nope, not enough Hidan…

First attempt at a chapter 3 and… after a few days, I came back to it and it didn’t have the same feeling. So, I’m chucking it up here and letting it rot.

Some parts are being used in a second attempt, but the overall tone is much more immediate.


Hidan was having a minor crisis of faith. No, he was having a crisis of self. He believed in Jashin, to do otherwise was fucking stupid not to mention blasphemous at this point. The crisis was… he didn’t want a virgin. They had no imagination, were mostly afraid of most of the fun things, and never brought anything new to the bed.

But Jashin had given him a virgin. Continue reading

5 years on and we’re still in a cave…

I’m working on Claim the Prize again. I… am so sorry. I forgot to check the clock calendar and nearly five years has rolled by without an update.


But I’m back! And I WILL UPDATE. Even if beta is just a read through and polishing is a mere promise.

I don’t care anymore. I’m just gonna update the damn thing by next week. Something is better than notes unseen in a virtual doc (which I still don’t know where they are!).

Here’s an excerpt, so raw it’s still bleeding: Continue reading

Upgrading Chapter 15

Somewhere out there, someone else was walking into work with the same kind of bone-creaking relief that Kankuro was experiencing, he was sure of it. He couldn’t be the only one seeing work as a refuge. Because home was certainly not safe. Not with his brother cooing at all the different spiders and the threat of Naruto showing up eminent.

It was a near thing though. He almost didn’t find a replacement for his shift yesterday, but Chizu was all too happy to switch for a Saturday off. Which left Kankuro with a full shift of constant dishes and a different shift manager.

For several hours, Kankuro blanked out. He roused himself out of the exhausted daze only when he realized someone was grabbing a dirty mug out of his hand. He blinked and made a half-hearted attempt to take it back.

“Sabaku-san,” the very tall manager said. “Your shift ended 15 minutes ago.”

Oh. Continue reading

Upgrading Chapter 14

At first, he didn’t know why he was awake. Hell, he wasn’t even sure what his name was, never mind what time it was. Then he heard the ringing of his cell and he rolled over, arm snaking out and silencing it.

For a moment there was peace, and he dropped back asleep.

Only for the ringing to drag him up again with a vengeance.

“Fucking hell.” Continue reading

Upgrading Chapter 13

Hinata had just walked into the kitchen when she saw the new hire’s elbow nudge the stack of plates. Unfortunately for Kankuro-kun, she was too far away to help as the stack crashed down.

“Crap.” Kakuro sighed as he stared down at the minor mountain of shattered porcelain. Out in the serving area, they heard several chuckles. “Sorry, boss!” he called out, nudging the pile with his foot.

“That’s coming out of your paycheck,” the owner sang out cheerfully. Continue reading

Another one


So on a whim (and out of withdrawal), Lost and I got together tonight and started writing. I will state that I was running on 2.5 hours of sleep from last night and we haven’t really written anything since November (I think NaNoWriMo burns us out).

We started another highschool au verse with Hinata and Hidan. And Hidan is still his own vicious self. Minus a few decades.

I think… this will actually grow into something.

Yup! Another story.