TMG: That Sparkly Thing of Yours

“Why is Cap giving me that Look?” Bursting into the workshop, Tony levelled a finger at Loki, brows rising in a half quirk of agitation and bemusement. “You know, that look of ‘Captain America is Disappointed in Your Decisions’ that’s heavily mixed with a dose of ‘You Ought to Know Better’ and a chaser of ‘I Believed in You’.” Continue reading




Comments said at 2:47am in regards to the FrostIron story for NaNo:

Lost: OMG. Can I say ‘finally’?!
Azhwi: We finally have off-camera sex

While we were writing, I was thinking: Am I being impatient? Is this too soon? Yeah, whutever. It’s been years and months in terms of story-time and somewhere past the 43k mark.

Me to boyfriend: “Hey, I’m on cloud nine. We finally got these guys to fuck.”

Boyfriend: “Oh for fuck’s sake.”

Me: *giggles* (Too happy to be bothered)

Loki is a JERKFACE

And I may have mild writer’s schizophrenia.

I’m writing for Loki’s role in our story. Occasionally, there is a scene where I know Loki would not be as forgiving or warm or sociable as I’m making him out to be. At which point, the Loki in my head begins to question my methods and quality of delivery. One such case is the inevitable confrontation between the brothers. The first time I wrote this, I paused and scrabbled at it, trying to make it less OOC, and Loki bluntly told me it was shit.

“And yet,” he said, long fingers wrapping around Thor’s forearms, “here I am, before you: unmasked and declared.” Shaking his head, Loki broke their gaze, saying in a voice made fey with mirth and acidic loathing. “I fear I do not know myself anymore.”

This was written in Thor’s POV, if you’re wondering. In any case, Loki was justifiably irritated with me for so unmanning him that he would admit anything in his brother’s presence. The solution? I cut it out and simply put in a ridiculously jerkish line. Sadly, it fit his character so very well.

“Truly, I have missed playing with you.” Continue reading

I killed it (I’m so sorry, Ariel!)


I was cooking dinner, and had just called Ariel over Skype. We saw each other for perhaps half a minute and then… I lost video. And then audio. I tried typing in a few words… but no response. Finally, after a minute, the call dropped.

She wasn’t on Skype.

She wasn’t on Google Chat.

She didn’t respond to email.

Somehow… I’ve killed her internet connection.

I staggered back to my desk, stunned and frantic, to see our last messages on google chat before our connection had gone FUBAR.

Jo: You on?

Ariel: I’m always on

Ariel, if you can read this. If you can reach out to me. I’m so sorry!

In other news. Our Loki x Stark story has reached a total of 16,566 words. Favorite line so far?

“No, he doesn’t,” [Loki] confirmed. “You’ve become my dirty little secret. Congratulations, Mr Rogers.”

Also the one time I mentally flailed and defended myself by saying the story was still in its first chapter. Ariel then pointed out that the fic was at least past 15k. “Oh, right.” ^^; Continue reading

Champagne and Truth


“Champagne, if you are seeking the truth, is better than a lie detector.”
Graham Greene

Now consider that we are writing fanfiction about Loki. And that Stark has somehow involved himself with building a ‘ship’. And that ships go through a launching ceremony that usually uses champagne or wine.

Seeing that quote this morning on Tumblr was hilariously relevant to what we wrote tonight.