TMG: That Sparkly Thing of Yours

“Why is Cap giving me that Look?” Bursting into the workshop, Tony levelled a finger at Loki, brows rising in a half quirk of agitation and bemusement. “You know, that look of ‘Captain America is Disappointed in Your Decisions’ that’s heavily mixed with a dose of ‘You Ought to Know Better’ and a chaser of ‘I Believed in You’.” Continue reading




Comments said at 2:47am in regards to the FrostIron story for NaNo:

Lost: OMG. Can I say ‘finally’?!
Azhwi: We finally have off-camera sex

While we were writing, I was thinking: Am I being impatient? Is this too soon? Yeah, whutever. It’s been years and months in terms of story-time and somewhere past the 43k mark.

Me to boyfriend: “Hey, I’m on cloud nine. We finally got these guys to fuck.”

Boyfriend: “Oh for fuck’s sake.”

Me: *giggles* (Too happy to be bothered)

I’ve been reading so much Bulma/Vegeta…

My phone has officially banned me from I’m not even joking. I get a 404 error and it’s only on my phone. This happened… maybe in the past month. So in the end, I’ve almost completely switched over to Ao3.

I’m finding that the quality is better. Don’t get me wrong, is home to some awesome stories, written so well that I’m crying and whimpering and leaning forward until my nose is six inches from the screen… but on the average browse through, the quality of writing average is atrocious. However, that’s entirely my evaluation.

Now the last few months, I’ve been flying through a lot of fandoms, some of them for the first time. Continue reading