TMG: Timing is Everything

Smoke? There was smoke. The muffins!

Naruto bolted from his desk, swinging around his bedroom door frame and skidding over the kitchen linoleum. No, no, no, no!

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Upgrading Chapter 15

Somewhere out there, someone else was walking into work with the same kind of bone-creaking relief that Kankuro was experiencing, he was sure of it. He couldn’t be the only one seeing work as a refuge. Because home was certainly not safe. Not with his brother cooing at all the different spiders and the threat of Naruto showing up eminent.

It was a near thing though. He almost didn’t find a replacement for his shift yesterday, but Chizu was all too happy to switch for a Saturday off. Which left Kankuro with a full shift of constant dishes and a different shift manager.

For several hours, Kankuro blanked out. He roused himself out of the exhausted daze only when he realized someone was grabbing a dirty mug out of his hand. He blinked and made a half-hearted attempt to take it back.

“Sabaku-san,” the very tall manager said. “Your shift ended 15 minutes ago.”

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Upgrading Chapter 14

At first, he didn’t know why he was awake. Hell, he wasn’t even sure what his name was, never mind what time it was. Then he heard the ringing of his cell and he rolled over, arm snaking out and silencing it.

For a moment there was peace, and he dropped back asleep.

Only for the ringing to drag him up again with a vengeance.

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Upgrading Chapter 13

Hinata had just walked into the kitchen when she saw the new hire’s elbow nudge the stack of plates. Unfortunately for Kankuro-kun, she was too far away to help as the stack crashed down.

“Crap.” Kakuro sighed as he stared down at the minor mountain of shattered porcelain. Out in the serving area, they heard several chuckles. “Sorry, boss!” he called out, nudging the pile with his foot.

“That’s coming out of your paycheck,” the owner sang out cheerfully. Continue reading

Upgrading Chapter 12

Kisame’s house was in the suburbs, which was both odd and enlightening at the same time. When Shikamaru had gotten the address, some of his disbelief might have shown because Kisame had laughed and asked if it was really that surprising. After seeing the guy’s back yard though, it wasn’t that hard to believe at all. Continue reading

But Mikoto calls him, Itachi-san!


I received a review today I thought would be worth bringing up, because perhaps others are having the same thoughts.

I reeeally doubt Uchi-mama calls her son ‘Itachi-san’. What kind of mother (and especially one as nurturing, loving, and close-knit to her children as Mikoto-san) calls her son so formally?
That’s like my darling mother calling me ‘Miss Rebecca’ (when in actuality, she calls me ‘Beckie’ or ‘Becka’).
I mean, just… no. That’s not right. That’s just not done.


And here was my response:

San or not to San?
I’ve actually had this discussion with Lost, and she prefers it with the san suffix. One of her reasons is that she HAS heard mothers refer to their children thus. Much like ‘chan’ or ‘kun’ is for a child who is regarded as cute, harmless, and in need of protection, ‘san’ is for when the person is deserving of respect. And I think it’s a high honour for a parent to respect a son or daughter to the point that they say their name in that way. It’s love and respect rolled into one single syllable.

Obviously, this isn’t a wide-spread impression of use, at least from my point of view, but I accept Lost’s reason and I support it. If it’s wrong, then I still will support it, because I really see it as a sign of respect. Not an obligation nor an act of separation by Mikoto-san. With Japanese culture, respect is a huge thing. To gift that to your own child, to show that you respect, support, and love them just by calling their name–isn’t that beautiful? Even more so when she calls him thus regardless of who is in the room.

We’ve got reasons. 😀 Don’t worry, we aren’t doing this out of a need to pump Itachi up higher than he already is.

Upgrading Chapter 11

Kakuzu was seated in the Junk yard office, waiting for Hidan to return from his rounds. He had called out of work for the day, but he had still attended his afternoon classes. Then he’d killed time with Itachi on campus for a bit, checked in on Sakura—she was great, and thrilled to see him already going stir-crazy. (She signed his cast, snickering the whole time.)

When Hidan swung by campus on his way to work, Kakuzu had willingly let the albino drive off with him. Hinata was apparently already at work, and he didn’t really want to pace around an empty apartment with nothing to do. And so, the Junk yard.

At least here, he had his best friend. Hidan was an idiot, but he was entertaining. When he wasn’t on his rounds.

Somewhere in the depths of his backpack, a Chinese tune—one of those cheesy jingle-like ones—made itself known. Kakuzu’s brow twitched. Dammit, Hidan, stop fucking with my ringtones. Nonetheless, he retrieved it to see that Tenten was calling. He answered. “Moshimoshi.” Continue reading