TMG: Timing is Everything

Smoke? There was smoke. The muffins!

Naruto bolted from his desk, swinging around his bedroom door frame and skidding over the kitchen linoleum. No, no, no, no!

But sadly, yes. Continue reading


Dealing with the Prankster: Chapter 4

The Right Words

The line rang a few times before, “Hello?

Ah, Karin. Itachi leaned back in his chair, observing the other two men in the room. Kiba looked expectant while Naruto seemed ready to shrink into the floor.

“Hello, this is Itachi. Is my brother home?” Continue reading

Dealing with the Prankster: Chapter 3

Self-Sacrifice is Overrated

“Dude! Put the baked goods down and back away from the oven!”

Startled, the brunet by the stove dropped the still-warm cookie back onto the pile and stepped away. The shock was momentary though as the thief immediately began to negotiate. “There’s plenty there! Just one? Please?” Continue reading

Dealing with the Prankster: Chapter 2

Are There Brakes on That Thing?

Finally released from the hospital, the hot summer atmosphere was both a breath of fresh air and a sweltering hammer. Itachi closed his eyes and appreciated being able to feel either.

“Hey old man! Get a move on!”

And as soon at the fucking wheelchair cleared the doorway, he was going to plant Naruto’s face into the nearest wall. The plain white bricks of the ER entrance were rather conveniently close. Continue reading

Dealing with the Prankster: Chapter 1

Sequel to Living with the Prankster. Ariel and I started a challenge. She wanted to write a story similar to my Prankster universe and… she just wanted me to write more.

Blame the Cake

Ugh, what time is it?

Itachi turned bleary eyes to the green glowing clock on the wall and had to wait for his sluggish mind to work for a moment. Analog. Why did it have to be analog? He blinked. Two-thirty?

A thud sounded from the hallway. Like a melon tapping on cement. Continue reading

Living with the Prankster

Set of six drabbles that I wrote as a birthday gift for Ariel. That girl is certainly getting a lot of love.


Itachi’s right eye twitched. His fingers moved slightly, taking in the soft texture. Ever so slowly, he lifted the garment out of the drawer until it dangled in front of him, unashamedly bright and cheerful.

A snickering behind him drew his attention, though the black-haired man refused to acknowledge it. “You gonna try it on?” Naruto’s voice half sang in anticipation.

A dark eyebrow kicked up as Itachi realized the extent of what the blond had done. The rest of his shirts were gone. In their place, were dainty aprons with Itachi-chan embroidered across the front in delicate pink thread.

Prompt #1: Frilly Aprons Continue reading