TMG: Timing is Everything

Smoke? There was smoke. The muffins!

Naruto bolted from his desk, swinging around his bedroom door frame and skidding over the kitchen linoleum. No, no, no, no!

But sadly, yes.

Flicking on the overhead fan, he grimaced and yanked the oven open, only to be greeted with more hazy grey hot air.

“Damn it!”

What happened to the timer? Why hadn’t it—Oh. There had been a beeping a while ago, only he thought it had been part of the game’s sound effects. Man…

The poor lumps were now more charcoal than chocolate. Better yet, there went the smoke detector.

Naruto sighed and slid the smoldering tray over the elements, ditching the gloves to open the windows. All the windows. And promptly jumped.

“Itachi!” Cuz yeah, there was his roomie, scowling, and waving a fan of manila folders at the screeching mechanical menace.

“What the hell, Naruto?” Itachi was really grumpy when interrupted mid study. It showed. Ino and Sakura would never believe him. “Third time this week!”

“Aw, man, I’m sorry.” He was, he really was. Naruto’s exams and tests were almost done, but Itachi still had a few big ones coming up… One of them in four hours. “Shit. Um. I’ll make it up to you?”

Itachi snorted. “Not in baked goods, you aren’t.” His mouth twitched. “Well, maybe if you get those cupcakes from—“

“The fuck, man?!” Naruto burst out. “You dissing my baking?” Itachi pulled off his signature brow quirk and Naruto coughed. Because of smoke. Right. “Uh… yeah okay. Point.”


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