TMG: That Sparkly Thing of Yours

“Why is Cap giving me that Look?” Bursting into the workshop, Tony levelled a finger at Loki, brows rising in a half quirk of agitation and bemusement. “You know, that look of ‘Captain America is Disappointed in Your Decisions’ that’s heavily mixed with a dose of ‘You Ought to Know Better’ and a chaser of ‘I Believed in You’.”

Carefully lifting his hands away from the tangle of spell threads, Loki snorted. Ah yes, it is the latter that strikes the deepest. Even in ex-villains. Possibly more so for ex-villains actively striving for redemption (if just to smooth the way). “For all that the Look is aimed at yourself, why am I the one being questioned?”

Tony’s arms flailed as he pivoted and diverted away from the sensitive magic over Loki’s diagrams. “Because it was right after you left the room! If you’re going to do something that involves my… I don’t know, honour? Have the decency to let me in on the plan?”

Loki looked up, narrowing his eyes on the mortal. “Are you accu–”

“Hey.” Nose scrunched, Tony spun around again to face him, hands up. “No. Yes? But not at all what I’m getting at.”

“What then?”

“Let me in on it!” Tony repeated. “So I know whether to play it up!”

A/N: TMG = Ten Minutes Go!
(A writing challenge for myself)


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