Semaphore ~ by DevilDoll

If you have any interest, any inkling about Tony x Steve… You know how I was ranting about writing Steve Rogers? This story. THIS STORY. I’m converted. I’m done. Cooked. Baked. Grinning like a lunatic.

And I have this FANTASTIC song stuck in my head.

WARNING: If you’re going to read the story (YOU WILL DO SO) then don’t hit that link until the song is mentioned. You will know it because it is the ONLY song that is mentioned in the entire story. Or, if you really wanna play safe, it’s after ‘Happy Birthday’.

Then they offer Bruce one of the bedrooms, because he appears to have no friends and nothing but a tattered backpack and a beat up laptop, and Tony gets tired of watching him slouch around SHIELD headquarters like a hobo.

Now if you all would excuse me…

*hits repeat*
(it’s a good thing i’ve got headphones on, Adam would totally throw plushies at me)


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