Declaring Independance

At least, from

Ariel and I have decided that we need to work on our own individual projects for at least the next six months. Thus, the adjustments to the blog posts for both Living with, and Dealing with, the Prankster.

Previously, I was lazy and just posted up links to FFN. I had reasons, but basically it was just laziness.

Now, the posts hold the full text for the drabbles. I’m not sure when I’ll continue them, but I will at some point. I would like to finish something, the only problem is, these drabbles don’t need an ending. They just continue on…

Have I mentioned that Ariel and I typically write epics?

So, this post is about two declarations I suppose. One from FFN. The other from Ariel (potentially, but definitely temporarily). Hopefully, this will mean I’ll be churning out a few chapters for the various stories I have going on. Ao3 certainly needs to be brought up to date as I lose more faith in FFN. (I just found out you can’t copy text off there anymore! How am I to tempt Ariel into a new read if I can’t text her choice tidbits?!).


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