I think that’s enough of Steve’s POV

Tonight was nearly all done in Steve’s POV. Which, while he can be interesting…

Jo: We can change/switch POV if it’s getting too awkward.
Jo: Steve is just a bundle of happiness right now, so he’s not doing much thinking.
Jo: Sorry Steve.

Usually, when we write from a person’s POV, there’s a lot of internal monologue going on. Even between dialogue and action.

In this case though, Steve’s so bowled over by the recent events that he’s really not doing much in the way of mental exercise. He’s just letting things roll, and enjoying it. Even if Nat shows up to put a brief dampener on the proceedings.

So. Steve, you’re cut off. We’re letting Tony take the floor.

… Part 3 of the ‘deny everything that is between me and Rogers‘ series. There’s nothing there.


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