Clean up bites

While adding in the latest entry to the table of contents, I realized, shit, it’s getting long. And cluttered. At which point, OCD kicked in: I started to label things, and fiddle with widgets, and pick at html. With pictures and colour codes.

An hour later, I deleted the new categories, nixed the drop down menu, but kept the new table of contents. I have the old version hidden in case people object, but I doubt that will happen. I’m so glad that categories are such a simple thing in WP that requires no hard-coding on my part. Delete them on the category page, and the posts lose the distinction. Easy thing.

I’m still undecided on how to differentiate the use of Tags and Categories. I get that everyone has their own method, I’m just trying to find mine and actually stick with it.

… and I absolutely loathe the ‘Uncategorized’ category. What use is that, anyway?

Anyway, the Naruto listing page is up and functional as far as I can tell.
Did you know? I didn’t think anything else we’d write would rival the Sand Trails ‘verse stories, but if anything, these past few years have proven that between Ariel and I, we can’t write short stories together. They just… keep going (All the multi-chapter stories here are written with Ariel).

I’ll fiddle with the site some more, but I think most of my work is done. Then… I’ll wait around for Ariel to come back some more… Gaaah. My dependency is showing again.
(For a November, I’m certainly posting a lot!)


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