Loki is a JERKFACE

And I may have mild writer’s schizophrenia.

I’m writing for Loki’s role in our story. Occasionally, there is a scene where I know Loki would not be as forgiving or warm or sociable as I’m making him out to be. At which point, the Loki in my head begins to question my methods and quality of delivery. One such case is the inevitable confrontation between the brothers. The first time I wrote this, I paused and scrabbled at it, trying to make it less OOC, and Loki bluntly told me it was shit.

“And yet,” he said, long fingers wrapping around Thor’s forearms, “here I am, before you: unmasked and declared.” Shaking his head, Loki broke their gaze, saying in a voice made fey with mirth and acidic loathing. “I fear I do not know myself anymore.”

This was written in Thor’s POV, if you’re wondering. In any case, Loki was justifiably irritated with me for so unmanning him that he would admit anything in his brother’s presence. The solution? I cut it out and simply put in a ridiculously jerkish line. Sadly, it fit his character so very well.

“Truly, I have missed playing with you.”

I will add this: Loki is an unfair, manipulative, suave bastard. In all the 28 thousand words so far, I still feel like I am doing him little justice.

Thank god, I have Tom Hiddleston around to explain the inner workings of Loki’s mind.

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/daA83-Hpx9o?rel=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>


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