I killed it (I’m so sorry, Ariel!)

I was cooking dinner, and had just called Ariel over Skype. We saw each other for perhaps half a minute and then… I lost video. And then audio. I tried typing in a few words… but no response. Finally, after a minute, the call dropped.

She wasn’t on Skype.

She wasn’t on Google Chat.

She didn’t respond to email.

Somehow… I’ve killed her internet connection.

I staggered back to my desk, stunned and frantic, to see our last messages on google chat before our connection had gone FUBAR.

Jo: You on?

Ariel: I’m always on

Ariel, if you can read this. If you can reach out to me. I’m so sorry!

In other news. Our Loki x Stark story has reached a total of 16,566 words. Favorite line so far?

“No, he doesn’t,” [Loki] confirmed. “You’ve become my dirty little secret. Congratulations, Mr Rogers.”

Also the one time I mentally flailed and defended myself by saying the story was still in its first chapter. Ariel then pointed out that the fic was at least past 15k. “Oh, right.” ^^;

[Edit# 1] So she’s back now! And she tells me that the entire neighborhood block had lost internet.

I am never going to Skype again.

[Edit #2] New favorite line:

“… until then, he was going to at least pretend he had no problems.”


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