Posts are gonna be even rarer.

As if I’m not mute enough already…

I’m participating in NaNoWriMo. To be specific, Ariel and I are writing fanfiction. Lovely–awesome–gleeful Loki and Tony Stark slash fanfic. It’s going to be glorious! And yes, it will eventually be posted. Here or Ao3, I’m not sure yet. Probably both. At some point. Yes.

I will be posting occasionally, but I don’t know how much. So this is a blanket apology from the get-go to cover my own ass.

Not that anyone here is really going to be tweaked out by me disappearing for a few weeks.

… Ugh, I realize that isn’t anything to be proud of.

… I just realized that there are at least 114115 readers who will be getting an email when I hit ‘Publish’.

My god, what am I putting you people through? Bad grammar and sporadic updates?


I certainly hope that the recommendations make up for my poor customer service.


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