Observations ~ by jAnon

I can’t believe I haven’t noted this story yet. I am ashamed. Ashamed and guilty of with-holding greatness.
I mean, I have more recommendations for Trek, but this story needs an entry all on its own.

This is based on the 2009 Star Trek movie, but moving ahead along the original series’ timeline. Told through Spock’s POV. And yes, this is an eventual Kirk and Spock pairing, but it takes forever and a day, and I LOVE IT.

I won’t actually put a quote in here… because if I go searching for it, I will get sucked in. I haven’t read it for at least a year. And it’s EPIC. As in 427,041 words and COMPLETE.

It’s wonderful and amazing and detailed and imaginative and beautiful and, even more so than Bend around the Wind, it will take your soul and keep it for months.

Observations by jAnon


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