Leave No Soul Behind ~ by whochick

They both raise their heads to take in the scene. There are maybe fifty EPAS crew working on stabilizing the wounded for transport. They are a sea of reflective piped suits. Reflective piped radiation suits.

Before either of them can say anything, McCoy appears waving his suited arms like a madman. “Son of a bitch, what the hell is wrong with you two?”

“Doctor …”

“Spock, I don’t care if you’re Vulcan or not, you can’t withstand this many rads without damage. And Jim!” McCoy raises his hands in supplication to whatever higher power might bear witness to this stupidity. “Just felt like a little stroll around ground zero did you?”

“Bones …”

“Both of you, beam out now, straight to decontam.” When neither of them move, he plants his hands on his hips and glowers. “Now!”

Found on Ao3. EPAS is essentially the rescue team. Think red cross and ambulance.

Kirk/Spock, AU/canon divergence, Just epic perfection.


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