I’ve been reading so much Bulma/Vegeta…

My phone has officially banned me from FF.net. I’m not even joking. I get a 404 error and it’s only on my phone. This happened… maybe in the past month. So in the end, I’ve almost completely switched over to Ao3.

I’m finding that the quality is better. Don’t get me wrong, FF.net is home to some awesome stories, written so well that I’m crying and whimpering and leaning forward until my nose is six inches from the screen… but on the average browse through, the quality of writing average is atrocious. However, that’s entirely my evaluation.

Now the last few months, I’ve been flying through a lot of fandoms, some of them for the first time. Cue Twilight. *holds up hands* The only reason why I read that one is because it is written by an author I love, and it took me months before I actually gathered my guts and clicked on the link. And my faith was rewarded pretty much in the first chapter. Now, those who love Edward or Jacob… you won’t like it. Because both of them are kicked to the curb immediately in terms of possible romantic focus. In Edward’s case, he’s so far out of the story, he’s out of town. Literally. And Bella… she’s still the focus, but she has a spine, an opinion, and while clumsy at times, she takes action when she needs to.
Now, I’ve never read the books. I’d seen snippets of it and what I’ve read, I’m not interested. What I am interested in, is pack dynamics, which I hear, from those who have read through them, is not fully explored. Seeing as the books are about Bella and Edward, I can understand why.
So, who is Bella’s companion in this story? Paul. *grins* Yeah, I hear he’s almost hardly fleshed out in the books. Makes it very easy to take over and expand in fanfiction. And Unseelie does a fantastic job of it. For those curious, the story is called ‘The Devil You Know.’

I’ve also been reading a ton of Avenger stories. One that I highly recommend if ‘Drown.’ Where Loki is nabbed before he reaches Asgard and stashed away somewhere else entirely. Tony and Steve find him and then the story rolls out from there. There isn’t any sex and no slash pairing. It’s the team and Loki and a lot of bonding through fire. It’s still in the works as well, but man, what is there is definitely worth reading.
Another one to check out–and devote a week and part of your soul to, is ‘Bend Around the Wind‘ a space epic. And I mean epic. It’s currently at 93 of 100 chapters and 364,606 words. It took me a week to get to chapter 84. The story is a Loki x Stark and there is sex, but there’s a lot to get through before that relationship develops to that point.

And then there’s the DBZ stories… Hm… you know what? Bulma and Vegeta are probably the best canon pair ever. Because they are canon, and none of the fans saw it coming. It’s like as if Kagome paired up with Sesshoumaru (and oh is there a following for that!). I mean, how often is it where the two main characters of a story don’t pair up? Vegeta doesn’t even show up until DBZ which is well after the start of the original Dragon Ball.
What can I say? I’m a huge fan of those two. Sadly, I don’t have any epic… oh wait, of course I have stories to recommend. 😀
First one, ‘A Voyage Long and Strange‘ where Bulma is taken, married to Vegeta, and then only when they are out in space does shit hit the fan, and it’s not just about marital problems, we’re talking planet-sized issues because Freeza is involved.
Second, ‘Requiem in Blue‘ is an odd one where Brolli is Bulma’s partner for a few years to start. I was startled too, but by the end of the story I was really cheering for Brolli.

And that, for now is my recommendations. I’ve gone through quite a few of them in the past two days (that essentially was my weekend), but these two really stood out. If you’d like any other suggestions, check out my bookmarks on Ao3 or my favourites on fanfiction.net.


One thought on “I’ve been reading so much Bulma/Vegeta…

  1. 1- I was surprised to see Devil You Know rec’d on here. It’s funny because I started reading when she started posting way back when. Actually, I encouraged the posting, because I trusted her writing, and I wanted to see things done right. And I, too, was not disappointed, though I have fallen a bit behind. I need to catch up. *sheepish*

    2- BAtW most DEFINITELY takes a part of your soul. I can totally see it now that you’ve brought it up. That would explain the missing portion in my chest whenever I think of struggle now. BAtW has ruined me- RUINED ME – for all other angst/torture until I have read the rest and it’s completed. Needless to say, neither has happened, obviously, and I am very upset about it. *flails*

    3- You def need to draw me some sort of map to go through those bookmarks/favorites. We’ll go over that later. While we’re geeking out over the plotting for our T/L story for NaNo. Anyway, gotta bring the kids to the bus, so I’ll end this here!

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