But Mikoto calls him, Itachi-san!

I received a review today I thought would be worth bringing up, because perhaps others are having the same thoughts.

I reeeally doubt Uchi-mama calls her son ‘Itachi-san’. What kind of mother (and especially one as nurturing, loving, and close-knit to her children as Mikoto-san) calls her son so formally?
That’s like my darling mother calling me ‘Miss Rebecca’ (when in actuality, she calls me ‘Beckie’ or ‘Becka’).
I mean, just… no. That’s not right. That’s just not done.


And here was my response:

San or not to San?
I’ve actually had this discussion with Lost, and she prefers it with the san suffix. One of her reasons is that she HAS heard mothers refer to their children thus. Much like ‘chan’ or ‘kun’ is for a child who is regarded as cute, harmless, and in need of protection, ‘san’ is for when the person is deserving of respect. And I think it’s a high honour for a parent to respect a son or daughter to the point that they say their name in that way. It’s love and respect rolled into one single syllable.

Obviously, this isn’t a wide-spread impression of use, at least from my point of view, but I accept Lost’s reason and I support it. If it’s wrong, then I still will support it, because I really see it as a sign of respect. Not an obligation nor an act of separation by Mikoto-san. With Japanese culture, respect is a huge thing. To gift that to your own child, to show that you respect, support, and love them just by calling their name–isn’t that beautiful? Even more so when she calls him thus regardless of who is in the room.

We’ve got reasons. 😀 Don’t worry, we aren’t doing this out of a need to pump Itachi up higher than he already is.


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