Upgrading: Update


We’ve been off this story for months, but now¬†we’re back! And oh man… the gloves have come off!

I can’t wait to start posting this stuph. Since Sunday we’ve added four chapters with another nearly-as-big chunk shunted off as a side one shot (25,311 words in all!). This new stuff includes a serious relationship development, a definite end to another, a full-scale breakdown…

I guess after having someone pat your ass as many times as Sai has done… you dispense with the suffixes ūüėÄ


Oh, and I’d like to point out that a good part of it is just crack.

*trying so hard not to laugh she’s hyperventilating*


But, maybe you’ve figured that out already.

I’m seriously reconsidering my used of tags for all of these chapters; it’s getting up there in terms of couples. Maybe I’ll just tag the couples that actually¬†appear in the chapter. Because even though their names (and pairing) is tagged for every chapter, Itachi and Sakura are spending a lot of time¬†off screen; thus why I don’t define Upgrading as an ItaSak story (Sorry to those who are hollering for their OTP, I’ve got other couples to experiment with).

I’m not going to even try tagging the individual characters… Even though I’ve seen other authors do that. But this… people, I’m dealing with a population here. I can barely think up chapter titles on a regular basis now. Chapter 5 of Upgrading still doesn’t have¬†just got a title and 4‘s is basically a joke!

*cough* Anyway. Just giving you a heads up: I’ll be posting chapters again pretty soon. Due to life having an upgrade (heh!), Ariel isn’t going offline starting tomorrow and we’re not sure when she’ll be back. This leaves me with a lot of time to just sit down and focus on editing…

Oh, who am I kidding? >.> I spend more time agonizing over chapter titles than grammar.


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