Archive of Our Own

Does anyone else remember how getting an invite from Archive was as likely as breaking into Fort Knox last summer?

I just applied.

“You are currently number¬†281¬†on our waiting list! At our current rate, you should receive an invitation on or around: June 29, 2013″

Huh. Alright. I guess I need to write something new before I get that invite.

Sorry… I just had a geek moment:

Jo: Ooooooh
Jo: Archive has a ‘series‘ option
Lost: yus
Jo: that’s genius!
Lost: innit?
Jo: ‘add co-author
Lost: XD
Lost: once you have an account…
Lost: XDDD
Lost: we can post our collabs there
Lost: *giggles*
Jo: YES!! We can both edit!
Lost: ahaha
Jo: The only thing that I would like is if the story then appeared on both our accounts, but… can’t be too demanding I supposed
Lost: lol

Edit: June 28, 11:30pm. I just received my invite. I’m in!


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