So much Dean x Cas

Like you wouldn’t believe.

I’ve been hooked for a while to this lady’s writing, (It’s All in the Details, Colleen) so I’ve been happy… but then I took a look at her favourites and found this lady, MissAnnThropic, and goddamn, I’ve been reading her stuff for days.
Granted, it’s a week night(s) and I haven’t stayed up as much as I would have otherwise (it’s currently 12:19am) but I can’t say enough about how these stories are just knocking me over. All the little summaries do not prepare me for the depth of these tidbits. And I call them tidbits, but they are several chapters long and the monster that initially pulled me in sat at 59 thousand words (Leap That Makes the Fall).

I guess all I’m saying is that if you appreciate these two from Supernatural, and you don’t mind gay material from denial to full-blown acceptance, then you’ll enjoy these.

If not… then… uh… Ignore this post. 😀

Oh, and on the story front, me and Ariel are struggling to get together and finish our damn original story/novel so that we can finally get back to writing fanfic without me feeling guilty.

One day, we might even give it a proper title.


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