Claim the Prize Part 3

Not giving much thought to her sudden intake of breath, Hidan smirked and stepped past her. Didn’t matter if she was in front or behind him, if she ran—

Something hard and wooden slammed into the back of his head. Staggering forward, he put out a hand and braced himself against an upturned trunk. “Fuck woman!” Twisting, he had just enough time to shove himself out of the way of the return swing as Hinata followed through. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a Kakuzu pause and turn.

Hinata shifted her grip on the natural club and snarled at him. “You will not hurt my friends!”

Swaying on his feet, Hidan snorted as he tried to narrow two furious women down to one. “Oh yeah? Give me a reason not to.” Not that two Hinata’s would be a bad thing, but even he had his limits.

And she took a breath… and stopped. The wooden weapon dipped.

She was a lot of fire, Hinata, but Hidan was beginning to think she didn’t think through her actions entirely before committing. “Damn, you’re not encouraging me to be lenient,” he groused, probing at the back of his head. There was blood, but it didn’t feel like there was any broken bone.1

“I don’t care if you two beat each other senseless,” Kakuzu broke in, “but do that when we reach camp. I am not hauling either of your useless carcasses anywhere.”

Hinata gave a twitch, and a scathing look over the albino’s shoulder. It wasn’t bad for a look from a half-beaten kitten. That glare switched from his partner to him when Hidan started to snicker. “What?” she demanded, gripping her make-shift talisman of courage.2

“I think I know what village you’re from,” he answered, tilting his head. Pretty woman, well fed, perfect white skin, probably well-mannered when comfortable… “You’re from Konoha, aren’t you?” And he was itching to find out if she’d be sensual too when hot and languid.3

Behind him, his partner muttered a curse and a growl, something low about dawdling imbeciles. Hidan ignored him in favour of watching her tense up.

She had to know who he was. His face and name, statistics and habits, were all listed facing the page filled with Kakuzu’s details in the ninja’s bingo book. Sometimes, Hidan would pick the things up off dead idiots just to see what information they had wrong. So far they still hadn’t picked up on the way his religious sacrifice worked.

Faith and a love of pain. It wasn’t hard. There just wasn’t any room for doubt. Once that fatal blow was dealt, it was up to Jashin to step in and heed the prayer.

Leaning back against a tree, Hidan crossed his arms. In some world, he could possibly understand Hinata’s resistance. Because of him, she had been wrenched from all that was familiar to land in front of a homicidal fanatic. And there was no doubt he was one. It was the best way of living.4

There was a plethora of reasons for why she should fight and continue to do so. Many reasons, none of which mattered to him.5

Pushing off from the trunk, he covered the distance between them in two long strides. The club came up, but he knocked it back into the bushes. “You want to fight me? That’s fine. But do it when you have an idea of what you’re going to do after I’m dead and Kakuzu’s after your skin.”

The kunoichi didn’t shrink back from him, but Hidan still saw the fine tremble to her shoulders. “If I listen to you,” Hinata began, for once not spitting mad, “will you promise to leave my friends alive? All of them?”6

Not a bloody chance in Nirvana. Smiling slightly, Hidan considered her lowered head, her clenched hands. “No.” Smirking as her head snapped up, he drawled, “I won’t promise,” canting his head, Hidan raised a brow, “but I might consider it.”7

Chewing her lip, Hinata frowned at him, and probably would have stayed glaring at him all night if the skies hadn’t decided right then to dump the rest of the year’s water supply on their heads. A flash of light heralded the rolling boom that came from directly above them and she yelped, giving Hidan a glimpse of perfect white teeth and a pink tongue.8

“Holy shit!” Laughing, Hidan shoved a hand through his hair, slicking it back. “Just move, Hinata. Think later.” Standing in the woods during a lightning storm. Oh yeah, Kakuzu was going to string him up good if he got fried here. And laugh all the while.

Scowling, the woman stalked past him, her chakra still only a vestige of its former glory but still surfacing for all the heat it would be lending her. Hidan shook his head. She’d be paying for that expense later.9

Looking past the defeated kunoichi, Hidan could barely make out the smudge in the gloom that was his partner. Abandoned for a dry bed. Actually, his warm bed roll sounded really good right now. As did the fire, Kakuzu would be starting up as soon as the irritable nin made it to camp.

Muffling his footsteps was easy in the downpour, it was his own chakra he had to stifle as he surreptitiously moved up behind Hinata. “Gonna speed this up,” he whispered in her ear. When she gasped, he scooped her up, an arm under her knees, the other supporting her back. Completely and utterly… innocent.10

Fuck that.

Just because he could, Hidan dipped down and nipped her lip. Pulling away, he jostled her hard as her fingers turned to claws, aiming for his eyes. “If you keep turning me on, Hinata,” he said, “I’ll just continue where I left off.” The woman stilled, eyes huge.

Snickering, Hidan started after his partner, picking up the pace through the trees once he found his balance.

In a few moments, he had caught up with Kakuzu, who only looked over and raised a brow. His partner would never claim their time together as a peaceful co-existence, but they knew each other. A common whore was a single night’s entertainment for Hidan; however, a Jashin given gift was an entirely different woman. This would change things up.

Though, going by the litany of threats to his lower anatomy that Hinata was muttering under her breath, her addition to their lives would be entertaining at least.

“Oi,” Hidan objected cheerfully as she underestimated his hearing and his anatomy. “I can fucking prove otherwise.”

That shut her up.

His partner only snorted.11

Smirking, the albino led the rest of the way in silence and soon he was striding in through the cave entrance with a quick dip of his head to clear the low entrance. “Finally, fuck.”

“Now will you put me down?” Hinata growled from just below his chin.

Obliging her, Hidan allowed his hands to linger on certain parts as she slipped down from his hold. He chuckled at her glare, daring her to do something about his behaviour.

The little light they had dimmed even further as Kakuzu layered the genjutsu over the cave mouth, hiding the shelter from prying eyes. “Get the fucking fire started, bitch.”

So much for room service. Rolling his eyes, Hidan left the fuming woman to lean over the cold fire pit and a few hand seals later, flickering orange light painted the inside of the cave.  Satisfied with the small blaze, he raised his arms above his head, stretching out. Bones and cartilage realigned, joints and tendons sliding into place in a series of pops and twinges.

As he brought his hands back down, Hidan twisted his shoulders from side to side, testing the progress of the healing. Not bad. Tender, but no more floating spikes.

Catching Hinata’s stunned expression from across the fire, Hidan tilted his head and grinned. “So… about that proof?”

Her following scarlet blush made the night even better.12

Whether or not she realized it, they were all going to be stripping down to their skins tonight. Hinata and he just had a head start over Kakuzu who was still wearing all of his soaked gear.

Snickering, Hidan turned to the packs that were hidden in the back recesses of the shelter. Bed roll, extra blankets, maybe some rope–though the chakra binds we picked up in Snow would be better… Too bad for Hinata they didn’t have a spare bed.

Speaking of Hinata, she was making some really amusing choking sounds. And he could tell the difference between choking to death and just plain not paying attention.

With his hands buried in the bowels of his gear, Hidan glanced over his shoulder and started to laugh.

There was Hinata staring not at him, but at his partner, who had pragmatically begun the process of removing his drenched robes. The woman was blinking wide eyes at the man, mouth agape, cheeks near as red at the fire.

“Hinata!” Hidan wheezed between cackles. “Breathe!” Seriously, was she a virgin? He blinked as she swung stunned eyes his way, his brain stuttering to a halt. … Not fucking possible…13


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A/N: Ugh… today was just plain catch up. That’s all I have to say for the tiny entries.
(But now I’m caught up!)

Prompts in order: 1 delimit, 2 talisman, 3 sensual, 4 familiar, 5 plethora, 6 scintilla, 7 serendipity, 8 tongue, 9 vestigial, 10 surreptitious, 11 halcyon, 12 unctuous (smug), 13 maladroit, clumsy


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