Claim the Prize Part 2

It didn’t take very long for the woman to implement her first bid for freedom. And really, she didn’t surprise Hidan either. He had told her to try after all.

The cloak she wore flew up into his face, wrapped around his throat and tightened. He had a mere moment to give a shout, and then he was thrown to the ground, a jagged pointy something introducing itself to his already abused flesh.

He wasn’t ashamed of the yelp he gave, but he did feel a little sorry for Hinata. If she had just run, they would have had a hunt through the woods and a little of a tussle at the end. By felling him…

Hinata’s choked gasp was almost predictable.

Untangling the cloth from his head, Hidan lifted the make-shift trap away to see his partner holding his woman by the throat. “Hinata meet Kakuzu,” the smug zealot drawled. “Heartless bastard, Jashin’s gift.”

Kakuzu grunted and let go of Hinata.

Prompt: heartless


She sprawled out next to Hidan, white and red limbs everywhere. Biting her lip, Hinata massaged her neck, and he found that he just couldn’t tear his eyes away from her movements. Not even to note how her movements… Okay yes, now he was looking. Fuck, she had a perfect rack.

Snickering, Hidan rolled to his feet. “Pathetic for a first try, Hinata.”

She only pressed her lips together and rose to her feet, graceful even when smudged with dirt and blood. When he held out the cloak, Hinata stared at it for a moment, eyes narrowed.

“Being cynical is a good trait,” he said with a grin, a flick of his wrist sending the cloth out to her in an unfurling bundle.

Her bruised hand snapped out, batting the cloak aside into a nearby bush. “I won’t wear your colours,” she hissed.

Prompt: cynical


Hidan nearly rolled his eyes. What he did do was reach out and grab her wrist, reeling her in, one spitting, wrenching, struggling hazardous inch at a time. By the time he had her hanging in front of him, she had given him another two good hits to the chest and forearm. Too bad for her, his tap to her stomach had her wheezing.

“If you don’t like the colours, Hinata, wear it inside out,” he told her. “I don’t fucking care. Just remember you’re naked, in the rain, and walking to a camp belonging to me and him.”

If she got hypothermia, she had little hope of leeching enough warmth from the fire alone… Actually… It would almost be a sin not to share a bed with her then.

Hidan grinned. “Never mind. Forget the fucking clothes. I’d rather watch your ass.”

Prompt: leech


Pausing, Hinata frowned at him, then twisted to glance at the cloth on the thicket. Her hands curled into fists.

“With all that temptation, I might even do something I’ve been itching to do,” he added, just to see her stiffen. A promise of a night of sleep didn’t mean he couldn’t molest her on the way to camp.

The low growl she gave caused him to take a half-step forward—he wanted to see her face. If the verbal alone was that arousing, what would the complete delivery be like in the flesh?

Prompt: untoward, flesh


But Hinata whirled around, one hand dipping to pull the black and red from the brush and the other knifing through the air between them.

They paused for a moment, one pale nin staring at the other. He smirked; she narrowed her eyes. No, he hadn’t been reaching out for her.

‘I win,’ he mouthed at her.

And then he got his wish, a full frontal view of her lip lifting and her brows curling down as a frustrated snarl rolled out. Hot damn, and fuck.

Somehow, he lost track of one moment or two, because when he blinked, Hinata was thrashing and screaming between him and a tree trunk, her hair ravelled around his clutching fingers.

Prompt: ravel


He was panting. The edges of his vision flickered white and red as his torso twisted and bucked with the force of her struggles. He had forced Hinata around; her front was pressed to the tree. His left arm was wedged between her stomach and the bark, pinning her arms to her sides; his right wrapped around her shoulder, forearm tight across her collarbone, hand wrapping around her slender throat.

“Let go of me!” Oh yeah, and she really didn’t like her new position.

Letting out a startled wheezing laugh, Hidan shook his head. “Not a fucking chance. You’re too much fun.”

Then she let out another furious cry, elbowed him in the ribs—fucking rain and slippery skin—and shoved him back as his grip slackened. She hesitated though when he started to laugh in earnest.

“See?” he managed to get out between gasps, raising his hands to sweep his hair away from his eyes.

Exhaustion, confusion, and desperation flowed across her pale features, but when he didn’t advance, her expression firmed. “You’re sick.”

Coughing once, Hidan spit to the side, noting the traces of red. “Uh uh. I’m perfectly healthy.” Which, considering he had a body full of cracked and shattered bone, was a blatant lie, but that wasn’t what she meant anyway.

Hinata took a step to the side, away from the tree. Away from him. “Let me go,” she repeated, chakra blooming to life again.

One corner of his mouth twitched up. He probably did look a little broken. A man with white skin gone angry dark red and purple. He swiped fingers over his mouth and smirked at the blood. Yeah, but as beaten as he looked, she was a sight that would urge any man to hold on: chest heaving, eyes flashing, determination and will in every line of her body.

She must have seen the denial already, because she shook her head. “You’re beaten.”

Which was when his forgotten teammate spoke up. “Fuck that. You’re both delusional. Move your asses already.”

Prompt: sight


Startling, Hinata focused on Kakuzu, her blue chakra dying away. “No.” Oh this was going to go real well…

“Not a request.” The big brute pointed at the kunoichi. “You’ve been defeated twice, concussed once, bleeding in three places, and if you don’t put on clothes right the fuck now, will be a very sick princess in an hour.”

Tilting his head, Hidan felt a grin stretch his lips as the black-haired female laid out all of her suggestions for what Kakuzu could do with his clothes, his opinion, the foliage around them, and various openings of his anatomy, plus a few new ones she could open up given the proper tools.

The silence after her tirade was broken only when Hidan began to cackle and Kakuzu’s erstwhile smile suffered a quick death as he recovered enough to scowl. “Changes nothing,” the stitch nin told her and turned away, but not before Hidan caught sight of the smirk.

Prompt: erstwhile


The next thing Hidan knew, Hinata was stalking past him, the cloak wrapped around her shoulders—inside out—and her muttering mostly obscured by the wind and rain. Mostly, but not all. Hidan choked back another laugh as he heard mention of a garrote made of his partner’s own entrails.

Prompt: garrote


Trailing behind her, he sighed at his loss. True, she was right there, but he was already missing his uninterrupted view of her body. A few spare instances of touch were doing nothing to help. Just a few hours to languidly explore her skin. See what the parts of her were sensitive. Whether she liked pain with her pleasure. He wanted to trace lines over her stomach with his tongue… And lower.

Aw, fuck.

Grumbling, he snuck a look ahead before reaching down and adjusting himself through his pants. What was this? Training academy all over again?

When Hinata threw a glance over her shoulder at him, Hidan flashed her a grin. “Yes?”

Her gaze turned back to watch her step, but her voice still wrapped back to him. “How did you do it?”

Hidan blinked. Opened his mouth. Then promptly snapped it shut again, deciding that she probably wasn’t asking about easing the discomfort of a hard on. “Do what?”

Ahead of them, Kakuzu let loose a sonorous sigh ending with “Idiot.”

Prompt: sonorous


“Shut up, ass.” Hidan tossed a stone at the back of his partner’s head. Kakuzu side-stepped and gestured rudely. Shrugging, the albino quickened his stride to catch up to Hinata. “So? What did you mean?”

The woman bit her lip and took a route around a tree rather than stay next to him. “I mean, how am I here?” She waved sharply at the surrounding forest.

“Jashin.” Grinning, Hidan watched as her brows drew down. “He decided that I deserved a present.”

Hinata’s jaw dropped. “Wh-what?” she sputtered out once she had stopped to pick it back up. “Your god…” She trailed off, shaking her head, one hand coming up to pass over her face.

Standing in front of her, Hidan canted his head and waited. Wasn’t his fault other people’s religions sucked so badly in the faith returned area. Jashin was just more obvious than most.

Wide eyes rose up to meet his gaze. “Why me?”

Letting his lips peel back in a grin, Hidan swept the tip of his tongue over his top teeth. “I don’t question Him.” But that didn’t mean he didn’t wholly approve of Jashin’s choice.

Hinata crossed her arms over her stomach, wincing slightly. “What… are you going to do with me?”

At that, Hidan shrugged. “Keep you.”

“You’re not going to…”

Now he rolled his eyes. “I’m not going to rape you, Hinata. That’s a fucking waste. I’m bloodthirsty, but I’ve never needed to force myself on a woman.”

Prompt: bloodthirsty


Hinata sighed and Hidan snorted as he noticed the tension draining away from her frame. Rape was one thing… seduction another. But for now, he was just content to learn about her.

“My friends will come looking for me,” she said, which he was sure wasn’t a bluff. Hell, even he had Kakuzu to come looking for him.

Shrugging, he motioned her to start walking. “If they do, I’ll have a little fun and that’ll be it,” he replied airily. “Maybe I’ll even leave one or two alive for you to patch up.”

Prompt: insouciant


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A/N: Er yeah… like I said: not allowed to drop this. Which is fine.
These are from tonight’s drabbles.
(I started my work shift to discover I was 5 prompts behind, by the time I got home eight hours later, it had gone up to 16. At the end of the night, I was still 10 behind because my dear friends were adding to the list as I wrote.)
(Loving slave drivers indeed).


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