Beginning again

Right so now… I’ve got a problem.

See, I’ve got a poll on my FFN profile. I’m asking people if they want me to post the sequel to Sand Trails as the chapters are written… or only when the whole thing is finished, carrying on the weekly tradition. Basically, wait for a schedule or go with the flow. Both ways have their pros and cons. I’ve voted, so has Ariel, and another twenty-four people. I’m actually happy with the turn out.

So far most people prefer I just to get on with it and post what I have… PRONTO. I don’t mind that—in fact I’m pretty glad that most readers are itching to see where this is going. But as I said, I’ve got a problem.

I’ve got no title for the damn sequel.

I’d label it ‘This is the tale that never ends… yes it goes on and on my friends…‘ but I rather imagine the reactions would fluctuate between immediate glee and outright banning. Another idea (I can’t call it an option, it’s not even in the running) was ‘Sand Trail’s Lovechild‘ since it’s obviously the offspring. With multiple couples. Thankfully, none that are expecting.

All in all… Ariel and I have two weeks to come up with a title, sooner preferably. I say two weeks because that’s when I’m posting the chapters again. Even if the poll came up with “No, wait until you’re done,” I’d still be posting here on the blog. Aren’t you folks privileged  Oh buddha, I’m conceited.

Anyway. If anyone is interested, Ariel has another of our stories up on her blog—or rather she’s begun posting it on her blog. Must remember to get her to update again… It’s called The Depths We Will Go To, a crossover between Harry Potter and D. Gray-man. A whole different category of fanfiction, but at least I still enjoyed it. Playing Kanda was like stress relief. Ariel gets Hidan, I get Kanda, the world continues to exist. Oh man, am I ever conceited.

Well! That’s enough out of me. I’m sure people have better things to do. For those who stuck around through several paragraphs of drivel, here’s a preview!

Dorms were… interesting. Different. It was chaotic in any case.

Itachi stood to the side, letting several male students rush by. They were chattering loudly about, of all things, properties of tomatoes—Sasuke would have approved. He couldn’t tell if they belonged to a culinary course or a chemistry group. Shrugging, Itachi pushed off the wall and continued down the hall.

College life was refreshing in a way. Not in terms of hygiene—the dark-eyed teen skirted a random sock—but in terms of populace. Or specifically, how the populace reacted to him. It was nice to be a random face in a crowd. The only reason other students avoided bumping into him was because of the large box he carried in his arms.

Most of them avoided him anyway.

Goodness… I think I need to branch out more here on this blog. It seems like I only write Naruto fanfiction.


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