Love Lockdown ~ by Lady Silvamord

I will have Akatsuki memo paper one way or another. Even if I have to print it myself.
… Just need to buy cream paper and Photoshop will take care of the rest.

Cream colored paper, with black lines that are spaced roughly an inch apart, and emblazoned with clusters of maroon clouds on each of the four corners.

Akatsuki memo paper.

And if that doesn’t catch your interest–this evil story is giving me ideas… which Ariel finds hilarious (this story is also a long time favourite of ours).

Deidara leans his head against his hand, considering his comrades. “You guys have been downright boring lately, un. If I have to pretend to seduce that weird Neji guy just to get a laugh out of you, I’m going to be really damn pissed, un.”

Neji will kill me, but really, if anyone is following Sand Trails and/or read Against the Odds… You’ll note that I really don’t give a flying duck’s butt about his good opinion. 😀

Love Lockdown by Lady Silvamord. Prepare to laugh out loud.

And it took me this time to even realize that it’s written in present tense. Bravo.


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