Four and One Ch 5: Is that your final answer? (Hell if I know)

The Four Times Hidan Caught Hinata Unaware and the One Time He Didn’t
Dedicated to Ariel’s crusade for more Hidan x Hinata.

At precisely seven in the morning, my father roused the boys in the hall and kicked them out of the house. Naruto whined about pancakes and orange juice. Sasuke made some kind of token request for bathroom use. Both were denied. Both were driven home within ten minutes.

I was already awake of course, so I heard everything. When my father knocked on my door, I was ready. “Come in!”

He slipped in, cold silk and stern expression. “Hidan.”

Nnggrrrr… First thing in the morning? Really Dad? “What about him?”

“I haven’t called his employers. Yet.”

Rather glad I was sitting down for this one, cuz it sounded like my dad was giving Hidan a chance… “Why?”

The next shock I got was the wry smirk that lifted one corner of my father’s mouth. “He’s interesting.”

“You’re… He’s… Wh-what?”

My father, my father, shrugged. “He directly told me that he was interested in courting you. He asked for your time in front of me. He displayed the proper assumption of the consequences to his actions, pending though they may be. He is employed as of now in any case. And… You haven’t said no.”

I blinked. Apparently, my father has been thinking about this. More than I have. I still haven’t gotten past the fact that I had compared my ex’s shoulders to my stalker’s. How’s that for a mental speed bump?

“Wait.” I shook my head. “You mean… you approve?!” Little wonder he tossed the boys out so early.

He snorted. “Better than the Uchiha.”

I gave up. My face met my waiting palms. “What?”

“Sasuke has never been employed. He asked you out before consulting me. He feels entitled to the world.” Father huffed and I could just imagine the way he’d lift his chin when making a point. “He belittled you and left you the day after Valentine’s.”

Hidan, the pizza delivery boy, has better value than Uchiha-fucking-Sasuke.

And ouch.

“You never said anything,” I protested, lifting my head. I was right; he’s standing there, arms clasped behind his back, spine straight, chin up.

“I believe that you will make responsible decisions within a certain extent. The Uchiha was acceptable, but never was exemplary.”

“And Hidan is?” Maybe I should stop asking. Father’s answers were making my head hurt.

My father sneered. “He made a better first impression than Sasuke did, striding into my house before you; as if he already owned the grounds.”

“Oh.” Wait. “But he swore!”

Again with that shrug! “A small lack of respect,” he said, waving aside the implications, “and used to compliment you, I’ll point out.”

“Yes, true, but…” Father has never talked this much about my personal life before!

If you choose to date this Hidan, I will allow it.”

Well, that was pretty straight forward. “Father?” I still thought he was out of his mind.

“If not, then I’ll have him fired.”



“Can I think about this?”

“You have an hour.”

And that’s why the fifth time I met Hidan, it was entirely my decision.

His fault though.


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A/N: And that’s it for this little drabble!
Welcome to the addiction that is Hidan and Hinata. Mind your head.


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