Sand Trails Ch 17: Touch Me [Rated M]

As Sakura walked up the drive to the Uchiha house, she was debating on inviting her… date… guy, whatever… Itachi. She was thinking about inviting Itachi to dinner. Were they dating? Yes. Were they boyfriend and girlfriend? Eh. She wouldn’t go that far. But her mother would probably adore him, and Sakura had already long since met Mikoto-san.

It was a fair trade-off, she told herself. Yes, that was it. So how would she bring it up without sounding weird? Maybe it was best just to go casual. Yeahhh…

Shaking her head, Sakura stepped up to the door and lifted her hand to ring the bell, only for the door to swing open. Her eyelid twitched, but Mikoto-san only beamed.

“Welcome, Sakura-chan!” she chirped before ushering the rosette girl inside. “Itachi-san’s up in his room. I’ll call him down.”

Sakura nodded as she toed off her shoes and slid on a pair of slippers. “Okay, I’ll just head to the living room,” she said.

As always, the house was spotless, though there was a pile of paperwork on the coffee table. Sakura lifted a brow at this, but realized that Kisame must have already been and gone. Supposedly he had work today, but his last period was a free period, so it made sense.

She sat in Itachi’s usual spot and leaned over the papers, brows inching higher. Itachi had already finished! He apparently didn’t need her help anymore, which was good. She couldn’t help a little twinge at the thought, though. She didn’t need to be coming over here every day anymore…

She was so absorbed in her thoughts that she didn’t hear her own personal ninja sneak into the room, and nearly jumped out of her skin when he reached over the back of the couch and started rubbing her shoulders. Then she melted. “Oh, wow,” she muttered, casting a glance over her shoulder and meeting his dark eyes. “Where’d you learn this?”

The man behind her smirked and bent down to nuzzle the sensitive skin behind her ear. “If I told you, I’d have to kill you,” his rich voice husked in her ear. Chuckling softly, he lifted his face away to rest his chin on top of her head and continued to knead the tight muscles in her shoulders.

Feeling Sakura’s head drop forward, Itachi brought his knuckles to bear on the small muscles in the base of her neck and the girl moaned appreciatively.

He hummed, letting his eyes slip close and concentrating on the smooth warm flesh under his hands.

“So, did you enjoy the mandatory assembly today?” Itachi asked, breaking the comfortable silence.

Sakura groaned. And not because of that heavenly massage.  “Oh geeze. The only reason I didn’t lose my mind was because Akasuna-kun nearly killed Suigetsu, and that made my day,” she informed him bluntly. She let her head drop forward. “That, and Tsunade nearly castrated Kaka-sensei. Oh!”

She pulled away and turned around, meeting his eyes. “And Naruto got the daddy treatment! He was so embarrassed!” She grinned. “His dad showed up to guest speak.” And here she paused, frowning for a beat. “Actually, I think Kaka-sensei might have snuck him in. Baasan wouldn’t have let him in if she’d known…”

“His dad?” Itachi blinked. When Hatake-sensei had separated his fight with Naruto, the teacher had mentioned that Naruto had a guardian. Not a father. “Kisame mentioned a guest speaker, but that was an author of a porn series.”

Reaching out, Itachi pulled Sakura back against the couch cushions and resumed kneading the upper half of her neck. He hadn’t finished yet.

She snickered. “Yeah. Sennin Jiraiya, author of the Icha Icha series, is Naruto’s Godfather—Ohhh, daammnn, Itachi-kun,” she moaned.

Fingers knuckle deep in soft pink hair, Itachi smiled. The girl was far too stressed. Leaning forward, he nosed into the crown of her head and pulled in a deep breath. Mmm, she must have washed her hair this morning, he could smell the sweet perfume of the shampoo.

His fingers drifted from her scalp down along the lines of her jaw. Those long digits supported her head as his thumbs pressed tight little circles behind Sakura’s ears.

She opened her mouth to say something, but almost immediately forgot what she was going to say. When had she gotten so tense? Had she been studying too much? Or maybe she’d just been so worried about that fight that she’d accumulated the–oohhh…

“Are you trying to put me to sleep, Itachi-kun?” she mumbled.

Huffing a soft laugh, Itachi moved down to kiss the warm edge of her ear. “Don’t fall asleep,” he warned her. “Who knows where you might wake up.”

He let his hands trail down her throat to rest just under her collarbone, fingertips ghosting back and forth over her soft skin.

“I wonder if I should take that as a threat or a promise,” she replied distractedly. In her pocket, her phone buzzed, but she knew it was just the alarm telling her about her weekly tutoring session with Naruto–which she’d postponed for this week. However, it did remind her of something.

“Hey, Itachi-kun?”

“Hnn?” Itachi moved his lips in small nibbling kisses down from her ear to smooth column of her throat, he could feel Sakura’s pulse. Wickedly curious, he reached out with his tongue to taste her skin. Wonder if she can keep talking if I keep…

Crossing his arms across her chest, he pulled her further into the pillows of the couch as he leaned over and sank blunt teeth into her shoulder.

Sakura’s eyes flew wide open in surprise. “Itachi—!” She groaned, forgetting what she’d been about to say. Briefly, panic surged. She shoved that to the back of her mind, gave it a firm mental kick and told it that it had better have a damn good reason for coming out again.

At the same time, one hand had reached up over her shoulder automatically. Her fingers threaded through his hair and her head tilted away, giving him access. “Itachi-kun,” she mumbled, “What are you doing?”

Leave it to Itachi to instinctively find her most sensitive spot.

Releasing the sweet warm flesh of her shoulder, Itachi hummed and licked his teeth imprints with the flat of his tongue. “Discovering.” He nibbled closer to her neck. “Learning.” Itachi’s hot breath swept over the back of her neck. “Testing.” The tip of his tongue left a long shivering line from spine to shoulder. “Appreciating.” His teeth closed firmly over the waiting muscles.

She shivered, a hot spike of torment racing down her spine. “Right,” was her only outward reply. Inwardly, she did a little dance and commented about how good this felt. She shook her head distractedly; he was driving her to insanity. “Well… I suppose I get that…”

Her eyes slid shut when he nipped closer to her neck. Oh ye gods… This man was going to eat her for dinner.

… dinner. Oh yeah. “Itachi-kun, I umm…” Another shiver raced down her spine when he fastened his lips to the dip between her neck and her collarbone. His tongue flicked out, rasping softly against it. “Had a question,” she said after a full minute of silence.

I’m sure you did Sakura-chan, Itachi smiled against her skin, but I’m wondering… His hand gently nudged her chin up further and he trailed his tongue straight up from the cleft in her collarbone up to her dainty chin.

The black-eyed teen smiled down at the flushed face of the girl beneath him. “Join you on the sofa?” He quirked a brow as Sakura blinked up at him. “I’d be delighted to.” Then the smug boy slid over the back of the couch, capturing her pink lips and tumbled in a swift controlled roll onto the cushions. Thank you mother, for vetoing father’s wish for hard narrow seats.

That so wasn’t what I was going to ask him, a part of her brain quipped calmly. The rest of her brain was… kind of preoccupied. She sighed into his mouth, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. That rather opinionated part of her brain decided to add another comment. So I take it you’re not gonna ask?

Sakura ignored it, deciding she was busy and she could ask later.

Itachi paused, smirking, lips and nose again pressed against the sensitive skin behind her ear. The girl lay atop him: pliant, warm and gasping. She also hadn’t gotten around to asking her question, nor was she making any attempt to. Hnn. He wondered if debates could also be avoided this way. How far could this distraction go? When would her will resurface?

Lifting his hands from around her waist, Itachi moved his hands down between the crush of their bodies, undoing the buttons of his shirt, pulling the fabric away.

Nibbling around the bend of her jaw, he nudged his nose against hers. He waited until her hazy green gaze met his own considering one. When they did, he breathed, “Touch me.” And Itachi pulled her hands from around his shoulders to rest upon the bare skin of his chest.

Getting frisky, isn’t he? commented Sakura’s conscience, tone cool and composed. No reply came, and Inner Sakura sighed, knowing she’d lost the girl.

Sakura’s eyes were focused on Itachi’s chest. Once again, she found herself in a state of daaaaaammmmnnnn. Vaguely, she’d registered his command, and the annoyance of that unaffected part of her mind. She shoved her hesitation aside and splayed the fingers of her right hand over his abs.

How could a guy be this sexy? she wondered as the fingers of her other hand pressed against his pecs and then dragged downward. She grinned when her fingers ghosted over his nipples and the shudder he barely managed to suppress.

Mmmm… Itachi clamped his fingers down around the cushions beneath him and told himself to stay down. This was the first time she was touching him without his interference and he wanted to see what she would do. What was she comfortable with and what did she favor? Where would her hands gravitate to naturally?

She had already noted his reaction to her fingers on his nipples, but would she find the other spots? Would she look for them?

Itachi muffled a groan as her touch ghosted over his skin. Well, there’s another spot found. He pulled in a deep breath and tried to keep his gaze trained on Sakura’s face, fighting to keep from shutting his eyes and purring like a cat. Oh, he hadn’t been petted properly for so looonnngg.

Sakura slid her hands down until they hit the hem of his pants, then up his sides, along his pecs and over his shoulders, transfixed. She hesitated for a beat before leaning down and licking a line down his rib-cage, then nipping the edge of the dip where his belly button was. She heard a stifled gasp, and inwardly cheered.

We’re still in the living room, Inner Sakura tried again, and went on ignored.

Meanwhile, there wasn’t much going on in Itachi’s mind in terms of cognitive thought. He had already given up the fight to keep his eyes open. All his concentration had instead inverted to holding himself back from flipping them both and discarding every item of cloth between them.

Watching her face as she explored his ribs and stomach had been an exercise in will to stay immobile, but then her exploring had gone even further down. He had twisted his face into the cushions and gritted his teeth as her fingers trailed slow lines across twitching muscles. Itachi appreciated attention to his hips, but fuck it had been hard not to grab her right then.

When Sakura’s soft touches returned up to his chest, Itachi let out a shuddering sigh. His muscles relaxed, his mind began to process again and his eyes opened once more. Shit, this girl was–

Then Sakura’s tongue touched skin, and Itachi went rigid. Everywhere.

Oh look, commented Inner Sakura, finally showing some interest. That definitely did something, huh?

Sakura, annoyed, told herself to shut up. She moved her tongue around the curved edge of Itachi’s belly button, then dipped it inside and grinned when he was unable to stifle this groan.

Ha! Noise! Inner Sakura cheered victoriously, apparently forgetting her earlier opposition.

Sakura grinned and lifted her gaze to meet Itachi’s. She froze, stunned at the heat in his eyes. Had she maybe gone a little too far? What if someone walked in on them?

Who cares? Look at those abs! Inner Sakura inserted, drooling all over the metaphorical floor.

Fuck, woman! Itachi’s throat worked, but he had enough mind left to keep his mouth clamped shut. Growling in frustration, he wrenched his hands from their choke hold on the couch and thrust demanding fingers into pink hair.

Half rising from the cushions, he pulled Sakura’s lips down to his and they met halfway with a crash of lips, teeth and tongues. Fuck resistance. Itachi groaned into her hot little mouth. Oh, fuck me.

One of his arms snaked down her back to grip her around the waist and he flipped them both. With another rough movement, Itachi pulled his arm out from under her and he stripped off his shirt in short economic movements above her, all without leaving her lips.

Her heart seemed to have sped up to ninety miles a minute in the span of a breath, and she almost pushed him away. However, Inner Sakura would hear nothing of it. Oh no you don’t, you idiot. You need to get laid, damn you, and it sure as hell better be this guy that does it!

Sakura, after an argument like that, could not say no. So, she brushed her fingers down his waist and slid them inside the hem of his pants. Then she was unfastening the button of his jeans and sliding the zipper down. She had to admit, she definitely wanted those pants out of her way.

Her fingers at his belt line triggered a few urgent signals: triumph, sex, and their location. Itachi groaned into Sakura’s neck and mouthed hungry biting kisses down to the neckline of her shirt. He licked along the edge of the fabric, then continued to trail firm bites over the covered part of her breast, heading down and to the side, avoiding her nipple.

He growled low in his throat when he couldn’t reach further, and sat up, dragging her upright in his lap. Itachi ignored her own frustrated growl as her fingers left his zipper half down and heaved the girl up to her knees, straddling him.

One arm wrapped itself around the backs of her thighs, pressing her hips into his chest, and he glanced up to see her smouldering eyes glaring down at him. He smirked, Interrupted you, have I?

Itachi kept their eyes locked as he nuzzled the underside of her left breast. Oh, fuck she is hot. He opened his mouth and bit down carefully on her ribs, just under the swell.

She groaned softly. “Fuck,” she muttered under her breath, head falling forward slightly. She threaded her fingers through his hair and slid them out, taking his usual hair-tie with them. His hair fell around his shoulders and she grinned. “Much better,” she said smugly.

Itachi mumbled, “Much,” into the fabric of her shirt. Then his free hand came up, pushing the hem of her shirt up and out of his way, while the arm supporting her legs pivoted up to pinch her bra clasp open. Fingers catching the fabric, thumb snagging the wire of her bra, Itachi lifted the obstacles from her flesh away. The arm at Sakura’s back dragged down her back, latching onto the waistline of her pants and pulling her down flush with Itachi’s front. He closed his eyes.

“Much better,” he echoed Sakura. Both arms wrapped around her thin frame, hugging her tight.

For a panting moment, Itachi relished in the feeling of her skin against his own: the heat radiating from her stomach and the cooler press of her breasts. Groaning, Itachi opened his eyes.

Sakura squirmed, feeling hot all over. “I-ta-chiii,” she whined, tugging a lock of his hair pointedly. “Don’t stop.”

Ye gods, she wanted to just shove him over and molest him, but the way he was holding her, it’d be next to impossible to accomplish. A thought occurred to her, and she added, “We’re still in the living room,” though it was said vaguely, as if this were only a minor concern (it was).

A smirk and a soft chuckle. Itachi nodded and nosed down into her cleavage. “I can change that.” He turned his face, and licked a hot path up the inner side of her breast.

Arranging his arms around her hips, Itachi took a moment to adjust her weight against him, and rose up from the couch in a smooth motion of muscle and balance. Once standing, he smirked against her chest, feeling her give a strangled gasp as her legs wound about his waist and her arms clutched around his shoulders.

“Don’t move too much,” he advised her and bit down into the soft heat next to her left nipple.

“Oh ye gods,” she moaned, trying to stay as still as possible while he moved toward the stairs. Inner Sakura was having way too much fun with this.

Ooh, c’mon, you tease! The nipple!!!

Oh shut up, Sakura thought, just as Itachi started up the stairs.

Itachi grunted and stopped abruptly. Then he began to snicker. Nibbling and sucking on the same patch of flesh on her breast, he hummed cheerfully.

“Sakura,” he murmured at the hickey developing under his lips, “could you tighten your legs?”

Chuckling, Itachi carefully shook his head at the hilarity of the situation. I’ve got stairs in front, a girl wrapped around me, and because of her my pants are falling down.

She smirked and obliged, managing to pin the hem of his pants to his waist. “Does that work?” she asked breathily.

“Perfectly,” Itachi complimented her. “Don’t ease up.”

Itachi hitched Sakura up higher, bringing up his pants. As she gasped and giggled above him, he gave in to temptation and closed his lips around the tight pink nipple and sucked, curling his tongue around the hard bud.

Making a sound that was half gasp, half groan, Sakura clung to Itachi’s shoulders like her life depended on it. His touch sent a burning jolt straight down to her groin, making her squirm in an effort to get closer to the source of that wonderful feeling.

Letting go with a soft hum, Itachi readjusted his grip on the wriggling girl. He nipped the underside of her breast in retaliation. “Didn’t I tell you not to move?”

He tilted his head and lifted a brow at her flushed expression, then he smirked. “Hang on.”

Gripping her hips with his right arm, Itachi reached out with the left to find the wall. Nose still nudging soft pale skin, he steadily made his way up the stairs. Though Sakura emitted a startled squeak when they reached the landing and she knocked her head on the hanging light.

Grinning, Itachi kissed her sternum. He turned towards his room, fumbled the door open and sighed as they finally cleared the threshold. “Finally,” he muttered as the door thunked closed.


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