Four and One Ch 4: You + Dad = Disaster

The Four Times Hidan Caught Hinata Unaware and the One Time He Didn’t
Dedicated to Ariel’s crusade for more Hidan x Hinata.

I have to say that the fourth time seeing Hidan had to be the epitome of awkwardness. Even for him.

And it was Naruto’s fault. Again.

After weeks of wheedling, visiting, and gift giving (along with never thought possible good behaviour), Naruto managed to finagle a sleepover out of my father.

Sasuke was over because our mutual ramen-loving friend was demanding we at least talk to each other. No, my ex was not staying the night. Naruto wasn’t that convincing and Sasuke wasn’t that interested.

So it was me and the two guys at six thirty on a Friday evening. And Naruto wanted ramen for dinner. Of course. Sasuke voted for sushi. I voted for Chinese take out. Somehow we ended up agreeing to pizza.

Guess who delivered the food?

There’s something drastically wrong with me when I could recognize his voice from down the hall.

“… Hyuuga-san?”

Standing at the front door, my father nodded.

One, it’s embarrassing that my father was witnessing my apparent lack of healthy food choices tonight.

Two, he’s paying for it.

Three, in two point three seconds the albino was going to realize that there’s only one Hyuuga compound in the city and that I lived here.

Four, fuck my life.

“Hinata, come and get your food.”

Yep. Fuck my life.

“Yes, father.”

If the albino’s grin got any wider, it was going to take off the top half of his smug face. “Good evening, Hyuuga-san,” he said when I stepped forward to take the pizza.

I was about to respond when there’s a throat-clearing from my father. Who was looming over both of us. I froze. The pizza boy dropped the smirk. I started to smile.

Yes, you bastard. My dad can get your ass fired. Try it. I dare you.

Oath to go by in life. For the rest of my doomed existence. Never dare Whitey. Ever. Not verbally nor mentally. No daring. Not worth it.

Cuz he took one look at my face and the smirk came back. He turned to face my father, and I swear, the world cringed. “Hyuuga-san,” he said, standing straight in his pizzeria’s company colours, “your daughter is fucking hot.”

I have no idea what expression my father was wearing because my jaw just hit the floor. I had no words. None.

Then the albino looked at me and had the gall to ignore my father. “I’m Hidan. You free tomorrow?”

What the ever-loving fuck?

“Who the hell are you?” “Who?” Oh… shit… RIGHT. The BOYS.

At that point, my father seemed to have recovered his vocals. “Get out.”

“You again?!”

My life; for sale. Anyone interested?

Hidan sketched a quick bow, dropped the pizza boxes into my arms, and waved as he marched off. Unzipping his company jacket as he went. There’s a quick flash of very white skin over broad shoulders, and then he had slipped out the property gate and was gone.

I thought he was wearing a dark tank top. And I thought that only because I didn’t remember seeing the entirety of his back. … I just remembered the shoulders. … They were bigger than Sasuke’s.

ANYWAY. Sasuke ended up staying the night. I slept in my own bed instead of the living room. And both boys bunked down just outside my bedroom door.

Before turning off the lights, my father asked me only one thing: “What are your plans for tomorrow?”

To my mortification, I didn’t have an answer.


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