Four and One Ch 3: Please don’t talk to me in public

The Four Times Hidan Caught Hinata Unaware and the One Time He Didn’t
Dedicated to Ariel’s crusade for more Hidan x Hinata.

The third time I met Hidan, it was all Naruto’s fault.

I didn’t have Facebook. I didn’t even have a MySpace page or an MSN profile. Not even Yahoo. No, my sin was knowing Naruto on a first name basis.

“Yo! Hinata-chan!” Blond, blue-eyed, buff, and boisterous, my best friend Naruto stood on a park bench, waving his arm and grinning like ramen was free for the day.

Sasuke and I had… split. The less said about that, the better. Naruto was still best buds with Sasuke, but he had declared fast and determined that he was my best friend for life. And well, I liked having him around.

I waved back at him and threaded my way through the winter festival crowd. It’s well past Christmas now, but there’s the odd celebration that pops up in our town. We just liked to party, I guess.

“Naruto-kun! Did you get the tickets!” I yell back. We’ve been daring each other to go through the Cave of Horrors at this festival for months. Been kind of a running joke really.

His grin was bright and infectious, and I could feel my whole being just light up just by being around my happy bouncy, about to get his ass scared, friend. “Hell yeah! You and me! We’re doing this!”

Since Sasuke, he’s also the only one that could make me laugh. I would think that sad if I didn’t know my relatives. I bounce right up beside him on the bench and ignore the glares around us for dirtying public property. “Before or—”

And as soon as I was up on the bench, Naruto wrapped his arms around me and gave me a wet smack on the cheek. “Naruto?!”

His tone was smug and far more suggestive than I’ve ever heard him before. “You attract attention when you laugh, Hina-chan,” he said softly into my ear as he held me tightly. “Just play along.”

“Attention?” I pulled away and he gave me a few inches of space.

His eyes darted over my shoulder and he nodded, a wide smile back in place. “Yeah, there’s a weird guy behind you. He’s got this really weird look and watching you. No don’t—”

But I’ve already turned around in the circle of Naruto’s arms and was staring back into red eyes.

The albino and I regarded each other for a moment. Then he mouthed, quite deliberately, ‘Hyuuga Hinata,’ and smirked.


“Hinata? Do you know him?” Naruto’s voice behind me nearly made me fall off the bench in surprise. Only his fast grab around my middle prevented me from slipping.

“Meep!” It took me a moment, but I got my feet back under me. Shame on me, the first thing I did was check on the albino.

He’s looking super amused. There’s a grin in place of the smirk and he’s giving me a mock slow clap from where he stands, thirty feet away.

I flipped him the bird.

One of his eyebrows lifted and he opened his mouth, stuck his tongue out and curled it back in, slow and suggestive.

“What the fuck?!” Naruto’s already moving around me, but I grabbed him.

“He’s no one,” I blurted out hanging on to his arm. The last thing I wanted was Naruto getting into a fight at the festival. “C’mon, we’ve got some ghosts to shout down!”

“That bastard—”

“Has a broken arm,” I interrupted.

My blond friend blinked at me. “How do you know that?”

“Met him at the store.” I shrugged. “Just leave him alone, he’s being an ass.”

Naruto glanced at the albino again. “No, he’s being fucking creepy.”

“And I can handle him,” I said, tugging on Naruto’s arm. “Come on!”

Grumbling, he finally gave in and we wheeled around, heading off for the Cave.

I looked over my shoulder just to make sure Whitey wasn’t following us. He gave me a salute and then made a big deal of settling back on his heels to watch us walk away.

Or rather, watch me go.



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