Sand Trails Ch 15: Gender Surprise!

Sasuke yawned, dropping his shoulder bag onto the floor and plopping ungracefully into his seat. Why did school start so early? He was still tired. And ‘kaasan had looked way too cheerful, even for a morning person.

Grumbling, he undid the clasp on his cuff bracelet and dropped it into his half-open bag. Above him, the bell rang, and the door clicked closed. A glance revealed Momochi-sensei walking toward his desk.

“Morning,” he greeted gruffly, looking a little tired himself. “So, we’re going to spend today going over yesterday’s cake. Everyone, please get your cakes; they’re in the refrigerators as always.” He paused to stifle a yawn, and Sasuke smirked.

“Hey,” Sasuke hissed to a fangirl not far from him. He pretended to be busy trying to find something from his bag while the girl just about fainted. “Would you mind getting my cake for me?”

The girl rushed to do his bidding, and Sasuke didn’t have to get up. I win, he thought smugly, and yawned again.

Then the door opened, just as the tardy bell rang, and Shizune-san ushered a girl into the room with a bright smile. “Sorry we’re late,” the woman chirped.

Uhg. Another morning person, thought Sasuke with a grimace.

His fangirl sat his cake on the desk before him and he gave her a smirk as reward.

“It’s fine,” Momochi-sensei was saying. “Glad you’re here. Class!” He turned to glare at them as they hurried to their seats. “Pay attention to the lady.”

Shizune-san gave them a cheerful wave and nudged the girl with her forward. “Okay, guys, this is your new classmate, Yuki Haku. He’ll be joining you guys from now on, so be kind!”

Sasuke, mid-yawn, paused. He? That was a guy? … and his family name was Yuki? Well… it matched his girly looks, that was for sure. Sasuke smirked, leaning back in his seat to stifle yet another yawn. Geez.

“Uchiha! You’ll share your cake with Haku-san for today,” Momochi-sensei said, not trusting a single one of the girls in the class. They may have poisoned theirs to get Sasuke.

Sasuke sat up, eyes wide. “But—”

“But nothing. Share it,” the man ordered, frowning at him.

Sasuke scowled. “Tch. Whatever,” he replied, and looked away. Well today officially sucked.


Second period passed, and Haku wandered the school bored. He’d looked up all of his classes in the first twenty minutes, and then had the last twenty five to do whatever. He tried to stick near his next class, which was easy.

He only passed a couple other students. One had been a tall guy with green hair, being followed by a black-haired, red-eyed boy that had far too much energy for this early in the morning. Another had been a shy girl who was staring at the door for what, by the sounds, had been some sort of math class. There had been yelling coming from that room.

Now Haku was meandering around the hall nearest his next class, glancing at the few posters set up around on the walls. One said ‘smoking is bad!’ and listed a long litany of facts about what would happen to you for smoking.

Finally, the bell rang and Haku made his way across the hall. The door slammed open and he was almost bowled over by a large, blue, shark-like guy. “Woah!” the guy scrambled to keep from running into him. “Watch it, girlie!”

Haku twitched, watching the boy run off. Half a beat later, an enraged female ran out of the class and after him, screaming about a weasel. The rest of the students just trickled out.

Haku waited for a break in the stream before stepping inside and walking up to the desk. Sitting there was a silver-haired teacher, reading a book that looked like it had a fake book-cover on it. Haku decided not to ask.


Mismatched eyes looked up, and the man blinked at him. “Aaah, Yuki-kun?”

Haku nodded. “Yes, Sensei.”

The teacher closed his book and sat it down, then gave him a polite bow from where he was seated. “It’s nice to meet you, Yuki-kun. I’m Hatake Kakashi, your Calculus instructor.”

Haku bowed back, even as someone walked through the door, saying, “…the fuck should I care? It’s just a dumb—oh, hi, Hatake-sensei.”

Hatake scowled. “Jashin, watch your mouth, please.”

The albino boy standing there smiled sheepishly. “Yes, Sensei,” he said, sweating a little. He quickly went to his desk, his green-eyed friend departing from the doorway.

Haku blinked at the grumbling Jashin, then looked at the teacher. Hatake beamed. “Just find a seat, please. The only one with an assigned seat here is Jashin.”

There was a burst of grumbling from the farthest front corner of the rows of desks. Haku bowed again and chose the third seat back on the other side of the room from the foul-mouthed albino. People were slowly meandering through the door, and Haku was only slightly surprised when a familiar boy walked in.

Uchiha Sasuke was no longer yawning, at least, but he looked annoyed. “Dumb Karin,” he was muttering as he walked right passed Haku, then stopped and turned. “Oh! Yuki-san.”

Haku smiled slightly. They had gotten along okay in first period. “Care to keep me company, Uchiha-kun?”

Sasuke shrugged and sat down in the seat in front of Haku, dropped his bag, then turned to smirk at him. “How was your second period?”

Haku shrugged. “I had a free period, so it was a little boring.” He paused, then admitted, “Though I was able to look up all of my classes, so that is something, at least.”

“True.” Uchiha leaned over and dug through his bag, then pulled out a sheet of lined paper with several problems written on it. At Haku’s curious look, he tapped the sheet. “Last night’s homework.”


“Okay,” Kakashi said, as soon as the tardy bell had rung. “Homework out.”


Geography, fourth period, pretty much ended when the energetic boy Haku had passed earlier—Tobi something or other—was stuffed into the trashcan by Jashin’s green-eyed friend.

Haku gathered from the various whispers that this was not the first time, and probably would not be the last.

Kakuzu was assigned extra homework and sent to the office by their irate teacher, Mitarashi-sensei. He did not appeared too bothered by this.


With lunch came a sense of relief. A headache was starting to pound against his skull, so Haku got lunch and wandered out onto the quad.

Near one of the East Walls, he saw Sasuke sitting on the concrete apparently eating lunch with several friends. The black haired boy was talking to a friend who had his hair tied up in a high ponytail and as they were talking, Sasuke would occasionally throw a pebble into the bushes near a garbage can. The stones rattled through the branches, most clunking to a stop. Some of the time though, they seemed to fall silently.

“—doesn’t matter to me what Sai says,” Sasuke was saying. “I don’t believe Kisame took it that well.” There went another stone. *plink*

The other boy shook his head. “Sai isn’t hurt though,” he pointed out. “Sakura and Ino may be able to pack a punch, but Kisame would end him.” Sasuke shrugged and chucked another pebble. *fuff*

One of the other boys shifted around and popped open a bag of chips. “Why are you even talking about it? Ask him.”

Sasuke snorted. “That’s what I’m doing.” *plink*

The boy with the chips frowned at him. “Why isn’t he coming out?”

“Probably because every time he does, Ibiki shows up,” Ponytail replied. Sasuke let another one fly. *plonk*

Haku tilted his head. He’d been standing there watching for several minutes, but no one had noticed yet. Hm… how unobservant…

Then a hand landed on his shoulder and he turned his head, blinking up into black eyes. “Hm?”

The taller boy grinned. “Hello! How are you?”

Haku’s brow furrowed as the others looked up. “I am fine, thank you,” he replied. “And you?”

“I’m very well. What’s your name?” Pause. “Oh, I’m Sai.”

Sai. The boy they’d been talking about? He definitely was not hurt, though Haku had no idea why he would get hurt in the first place. “I am Yuki Haku. It is a pleasure.”

Sai grabbed his hand and shook it. “Are you a girl or a boy?” he asked merrily.

Haku’s brow twitched. “A boy.”

Behind him, someone choked on their food. Haku blinked, and just barely saw the yellow and orange streak before it reached them. He backed away quickly, just in time for Sai to be tackled from behind.

“You actually did it?!” the blond boy yelped, having landed on Sai’s back. “Holy crap! And he didn’t kill you?”

“Do I look like a zombie, Naruto?” Sai asked, pushing himself up with enough force to send the blond rolling.

“Dammit, he didn’t kill you?” another voice, this one feminine, asked from behind Haku.

He spun around, blinking and a little overwhelmed. Were all of Sasuke-kun’s friends this loud?

The female ignored Haku in favor of walking up to Sai and grabbing his ear, then looking him over. “I’ll be damned.”

“You shouldn’t use such language, Ino-san,” Sai said. “No one will want to kiss that mouth.”

“Oh, YOU!!!” She smacked him hard.

Haku’s eyes were getting wider as the moments passed.

Sasuke chose to walk up to him at that moment and snickered at his expression. He waved a hand in front of Haku’s face and grinned as the boy’s gaze focused on him. “Hi Yuki-san.”

Ponytail and Chips also walked up behind Sasuke, though only Ponytail actually offered a greeting. “Yuki-san? Hi, I’m Shikamaru,” he pointed at Chips, “And that’s Choji.”

Smirking slightly, Sasuke pointed at the bush, “And, Kisame and Hidan are probably in there.” He stooped down to pick up another pebble and tossed it. *fumf*

“‘Probably’?” Haku asked, but then one of the stones came back, thunking Sasuke in the shoulder with unerring accuracy. *paff* “Ah, there does appear to be someone there… but why is he hiding in the bushes?”

The blond with the orange jacket and blue jeans wandered over, smirking. “Eh? Who’s in the bushes? Is it those guys again?”

There was a slight rustle and a low voice murmured something.

Sasuke’s eyebrow went up as well as a corner of Shikamaru’s lips. Sasuke called out, “Hey Naruto, why don’t you get them out here?”

“Ehhh…” Naruto peered at the bushes, eyes closing as he contemplated. “I guess.” He shrugged and walked over to the bushes, then leaned over it. “Hey, guys…” Pause. “Oi! Don’t ignore me! Why, you…” He backed up a few steps, then ran and cleared the bushes.

Haku’s jaw dropped open as two pairs of arms whipped out of bushes and grabbed the blond kid mid jump.

“Hey!” the kid yelped and then he was dragged down out of sight.

Beside him, Shikamaru began to laugh and Sasuke was beaming like he had been told summer vacation was early.

Shika rubbed a hand over his face and sighed. “Oh, he’s going to whine later,” but he didn’t look regretful at all. He looked at Sasuke and both of them grinned.

“They won’t do anything weird, will they?” Haku asked worriedly. Behind him, Ino-san and Sai were apparently sparring. Or rather, he was dodging a lot while she tried to catch him.

Everyone had already tuned out the screams.

Sasuke smirked and Shikamaru shook his head. The latter answered, “Only if he struggles too much. Ductape doesn’t really hurt you. Speaking of which,” The teen raised his voice, “he doesn’t have to be so loud!”

There was a jerk and a yell was muffled. Quiet descended.

The only sound in the quad were Choji’s chips and Ino’s shrieks from behind them.

“I see,” murmured Haku, and then he looked down at his tray. It had gotten cold. He sighed, but decided it was just as well; he’d lost his appetite. “Who is that in the bushes?” he asked, turning to look at the others.

“Okay, okay!” Sai was saying from behind them. “I apologize! Please stop trying to kill me, Ino-san, it’s embarrassing.”

The girl growled, decked him and stomped back over to her friends. Sai followed, staring at her butt thoughtfully. “Sorry. I think I have to train him.”

“I will have no problem with that,” Sai said, beaming. “If I can have a hug.”

“No chance,” the girl snapped and sent him a glower.

“Kisame and Hidan,” Sasuke repeated. “Kisame is a big blue guy, looks like a shark. Hidan… oh, he’s the albino from Calculus.”

Shikmaru looked over at Choji and asked, “Uh, Choji? Can I have a bag of chips please?”

The bigger boy gave his friend a confused look, “Yeah, sure.” He handed over a bag.

“Thanks.” Shikamaru took the bag and wandered over to the bush. “Oi,” he called.

There was a rustle and Naruto rolled out from under the bushes. The kid was wrapped, head to toe, in dull silver tape. Oddly one foot was bare.

Shikamaru chuckled and tossed the bag of chips into the leaves, then stooped down to roll the blond towards the group. As Naruto’s face turned into view, it was clear one of his socks had been pulled off and stuffed into his mouth.

Haku blinked, recalling the albino Shikamaru had mentioned. Hm… And a blue boy? Haku only remembered one, and that boy had assumed he was female. Though, admittedly, so did most everyone else, provided they were not told as much.

“It’s not very kind to do that to him,” Haku said softly, eying the trussed up blond.

Ino snorted. “He pranks them back. He’ll come up with something.” Then she beamed and held out a hand. “I’m Yamanaka Ino, and you don’t have to use my last name. Just Ino.”

Haku carefully shook her hand, then bowed. “I’m Yuki Haku, it’s a pleasure.”

Sasuke smirked and watched as Shikamaru calmly crouched down next to the bound kid. “Okay,” Shika was saying, “I’m going to take out the sock…” He pulled the sock away from Naruto’s mouth.

It took a moment for Naruto to work the cotton feeling out of his mouth, but when he did, he wasn’t any happier.

“Shikamaru, what the hell?!” he shouted. “How’d you even arrange this! And why!” Pause. “Wait, this is about the tentacles?!”

Haku blinked. “Tentacles?” he asked, stunned.

The sock went back in. “”Tentatively speaking”, yes,” Shikamaru deadpanned. He turned to Sasuke with a raised eyebrow. “We could just leave him here. Kisame has a lunch after us,” he offered.

Naruto’s eyes widened and he shook his head. Haku frowned. “What’s this about tentacles?” He paused, then shook his head. “No, on second thought, I don’t want to know.”

“I don’t get it either,” Ino said with a sigh. “Weirdos.”

Haku eyed her, brows raised. He got it. He just didn’t want to know the ecchi details.

Sasuke actually appeared to be considering Shikamaru’s suggestion. “We leave him for the shark,” he mused smirking. “It’s Naruto’s lunch block too.”

The other boy smiled, “He won’t be missing any classes.”

“Spending quality time with older boys is an excellent tactic for learning social skill sets from -” Sasuke choked “- good role models.”

Shikamaru was nodding. “Definitely. He needs to learn how to behave around others… He nearly killed another student yesterday.” He shook his head. “Very sad.”

Haku sighed. “Zabuza-san assured me that this was a good school with a grand program for education.”

Ino blinked and looked at him. “Huh? Zabuza? Oh, you mean Momochi-sensei, the cooking teacher?”

The pretty boy nodded. “Yes. He is my adoptive parent.”

Sai patted Haku on the back and beamed. “This is an excellent school, Yuki-san! It teaches you about real world things. Cooking… sex… art… survival of the fittest…”

Both Shikamaru and Sasuke were looking at Sai with identical degrees of consideration.

“Maybe we can get…?” Sasuke began.

Shikamaru shook his head, “No, somehow he survived their last run in. Kisame must like him.”

The other boy frowned. “He likes people?”

Shrugging, the ponytailed boy pointed at Naruto. “He didn’t end up like that.”

“True,” Sasuke allowed.

Choji stood behind the both of them, listening in and nodding. They just wouldn’t be able to convince the big blue guy. Who knew why.

Sai grinned, seeming to know what the other two were thinking. “So anyway… what’s this I hear about tentatively speaking? Is that even a word? And how is connected to tentacles?” Pause. “And is there any way I can make a tentacle picture out of it?”

In the bushes, there was the sound of thumping and smothered laughter.

Haku’s face felt hot. He’d draw something like that??

Ino made a face. “Why would you wanna draw tenta-” And she came to a full stop. Her face drained of color, and then it all came back. “Oh gods. Ohhh… oh gods. Ew! You sick perverts! Auhgg…” She shuddered.

Sai smirked at her. “I think you’d look nice in tentacles, though.”

Groaning, Shikamaru dropped his face into his hands. “So troublesome.” He glared at the snickering bushes and muttered accusingly, “Your fault.”

“Holy fucking hell, Kisame! You’re not the only twisted sick fuck here!” mumbled the bush amidst heavily muffled laughter. “Blondie even thinks that way eventually!”

“Hey, watch who you’re calling names, potty mouth!” Ino retorted, scowling.

Haku sighed again. Maybe he could make an escape…? No, probably not…

“Kids!” a voice called, and they all turned to see Ibiki-sensei approaching. He glanced around and frowned. “Have either of you seen Jashin and Hoshigaki?”

Ino opened her mouth, smirking slyly, but Sai took the opportunity to grab her butt. She shrieked. “SAAAIIII!!!”

“Whoops?” Sai beamed.

Haku coughed. “I believe I saw Jashin in the West quarter, right before lunch. Does that help any, sensei?”

Ibiki nodded and took off in that direction.

Hidan stuck his head out of the bushes, giving Haku a once over. “What the hell?”

Haku smiled. “I’ll make sure you pay me back later.”

“Fuck.” And he disappeared again, muttering, “Goddamn Kakuzus, every fucking where. Fucking hell. And girly ones too. Fuck.”

Kisame’s head made an appearance as well. He grinned at Sai. “Research?”

“Research!” Sai replied cheerily, and grabbed Ino’s other butt cheek. She screamed and tried to stab him in the eye with a pencil.

He ducked under the assault, disarmed her and threw her over his shoulder. He patted her butt thoughtfully. “No underwear, either, it seems!”

“Why you…”

Haku was frowning disapprovingly at the display, but as it had nothing to do with him, he could hardly say anything. He felt distinctly less sorry, however, when Ino stabbed Sai in the back with a hair clip.

Sai yelped and dropped her on her ass, reaching behind him to try to get out the clip. Ino was glaring at them, but wisely remained seated. Haku set down his tray and walked over to Sai, slowly turning him around. “Let me see.”

Sai was grimacing. “Okay… Ow, ow, ow…”

Kisame shook his head. Downed by a hair clip. Sad. He turned back and sat down. “Hey, Hidan? What do you know about those water pressure machines?”

Hidan blinked, glowering into the chip bag. He’d eaten about half of them. “Eh? Why the fuck would I know- oh, those.” He leered. “Why?”

Shrugging, Kisame casually pulled out a photocopy of Sai’s pressure map. “I wanted to know if it can carve these.” He held the drawing up before the albino’s eyes. He smirked. “Sai does good research.”

Hidan took the paper, eying it. “Heyy, it just damn well might,” he said, grinning. He glanced at the bottom of the page curiously. “Eh… Blondie?” He blinked. “Is this…?”

Stretched out and yawning, Kisame shrugged. “According to Sai, yeah.” He turned his head to look out from the base of the bushes. The new girl was prodding the young artist’s back. It looked like the clip had gone in deep.

Hidan hummed thoughtfully. “Daaammmn. I can fucking check, if you want. Old man Tazuna, the guy who runs that damn junk yard, has one. He uses it for his junk heap ‘art’ shit.”

Maybe he should introduce Sai to Tazuna then… With those two talking shop, Kisame was sure something would be sorted out. He nodded. “Good. If this works out, I may just beat Kakuzu in getting my own business off the ground first.”

Hidan snorted. “I fucking doubt it. That motherfucker’ll kill you first. In your fucking sleep.”

“There,” Haku said, catching their attention. He pulled the hairclip out abruptly, making Sai yelp. “Does anyone have a bandage? Or an unused tissue and some tape?”

“I have medical supplies in my bag,” Sai said.

“Oh, well that will work,” Haku murmured. “Stay still, please.” The newcomer walked over to Sai’s bag and rummaged in it, then pulled out a small medkit. “Ah, this’ll do nicely,” Haku said upon peering inside. He walked back over to Sai with an ace bandage and medical tape, then patched the artist up. “All done!”

Sai spun around and grinned. “If I was gay, I’d kiss you,” he said with a grin.

“Then I am most pleased that you are not gay,” Haku returned with a smile.

“Ouch,” Hidan said, grinning.

Snickering, Kisame agreed, “Definitely not gay, and that’s a fucking blessing.”


Japanese class, sixth period, passed with relatively no incident, as Haku did not have any lunatics in his class this period. The only familiar face was Choji, who remained mostly quiet through class.

Then came seventh period Mandarin Chinese…

“Wo ai ni,” Sai was saying to a girl, even as he eyed her boobs rather eagerly.

To the boy’s left sat an orange-haired boy, Akatsuki Nagato, though everyone called him Pein for some reason. “Sumi-san, would you please not irritate the female populace in my presence?”

Sai sat back in his seat as the girl stormed away. “Peeeiinn-kuun~ I’ve been meaning to ask… Can I draw you?”






“But I-”


It continued for most of the period in this manner, though eventually it switched to Mandarin so Haku no longer understood it quite as well. Despite their arguing, the teacher did not stop them, though occasionally, he’d wander over and correct their usage, or offer up new ways to say what they were saying.

When the bell rang, Haku was only too happy to escape the idiocy.


Last period Biology was not any better. Especially since he had Hidan again, and Hidan persisted in pestering a blue-haired girl – Konan, if Hidan’s half-whispers were anything to go by – until she beat him half to death.

Luckily, she chose to do so quietly, while the teacher had his back turned. When Iruka-sensei turned around, he was shocked to find Jashin sprawled on the floor with a broken nose, bloody lip and his arm sticking in the wrong direction.

Haku made a mental note to not piss this particular girl off. Especially when she noticed him staring and glared.

He quickly turned around in his seat as Tsunade-san, the school nurse, came in to cart Jashin away.

She did not look surprised.


Haku sighed in relief as he trudged down the hall toward Zabuza’s classroom. Today had been really weird, and while no one had done anything directly to him, it was enough that they’d disrupted his time for study.

He decided that his ‘boring’ second period free time was more ‘peaceful’ than ‘boring’. Shaking his head, he stepped into the classroom to find that everyone had fled the moment the bell rung, their various stages of treats taken care of five minutes before.


Silently, Haku closed and locked the door, peering around in search of his ‘father’. There were sounds from the second room of the two-room class area, where the stoves and refrigerators were. Smiling slightly, Haku set his bag down and snuck across the room.

His gaze darted toward the sinks in the back of the room. Zabuza was washing dishes. Haku would never get used to that.

Smiling even more, he closed this door and shut off the light.

A plate dropped. “Huh?” The water was shut off as Haku quietly made his way across the room. “Who’s there? Haku?”

Haku smiled. “Caught me,” he said from right beside the older male.

Zabuza stiffened when the teen leaned against him, then relaxed marginally, though he was still pretty tense. “Haku? What are-”

Haku covered the man’s mouth with a finger, both to shut him up and to find out where exactly his mouth was. Then he moved his finger and kissed the older man gently on the mouth. He didn’t over-do it, as that would only make Zabuza jumpy, like last time.

When he pulled away, he commanded, “Hold me? It’s been a stressful day.”

Zabuza hesitantly held him as he’d asked. He sighed, knowing it was pointless to tell Haku how wrong this was. The boy was determined. “Did something happen?”

“These students are unnecessarily violent,” Haku muttered, leaning into Zabuza’s chest.

Zabuza blinked and thought that over. Well… Uchiha’s bunch was. And so was… er, Uchiha’s bunch. And Akatsuki’s… Huh. He hadn’t realized until now just how many violent students they had. “I’m sorry. I didn’t even think about the students when I asked you to transfer,” he admitted, giving Haku a tiny squeeze.

“What happened?”

Haku sighed. “Well… Let’s see… everything wasn’t too out of the ordinary until about lunch…”


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