Four and One Ch 2: Where are your meds?!

The Four Times Hidan Caught Hinata Unaware and the One Time He Didn’t
Dedicated to Ariel’s crusade for more Hidan x Hinata.

The second time I saw the albino was in the drug store. I’m not kidding. You know the section for all the Velcro straps and ‘for sports’ support bindings? Yeah, that’s where the foul-mouthed idiot was browsing.

I was there for pain pills. Sasuke’s migraines were getting bad those days. I figured, I’d pick a few brands up and see which worked best. Maybe then he’d be up for a dinner out.

Not really sure what to think about me and him. Been dating for nearly a month and it’s harder to get Sasuke out of the family compound than it was convincing his best friend Naruto that ramen wasn’t a staple food group.

In all honesty, I didn’t see Whitey until I had nearly walked past him. The man had a black hoodie on and was completely covered. One hand hidden under a bright blue box of something, the other tucked into the pocket in the front of his sweater.

Don’t ask me why, but I had turned around and was already opening my mouth before I clued in properly. “Oh, you survived!”

I really should have just kept on walking.

His head snapped up and he blinked just once, and then I knew he recognized me. “Heeey! The girl with the perfect ass! How the fuck are you?”

Really should have kept on walking.

But, in for a penny. Besides, the idiot was kind of funny.

“I’m fine. You?”

The crass guy snickered. “Surviving.” Then the man flinched and sucked in a breath.

I frowned. When you’ve been part of a dojo long enough, you learn to categorize flinches. “What’s wrong?”

“Fucking Kakuzu broke my arm.” He rolled his eyes and shrugged with his right shoulder. The one not attached to the arm cradled close to his stomach.

Blink. “What?”

He waggled the blue box at me. “That’s why I’m shopping for this shit. He’s using mine.” The idiot grinned.

Really? “There’s a hospital for people in your condition.”

The albino just rolled his red eyes again.

“And a special place for people like you.”

He smirked. “Your bedroom?”

“A padded cell far away from society.”

He snorted. “That’s where you fucking sleep?”

Closing my eyes, I counted to three. “Do you need help?”

“Oh fuck yes. Always.”

I think I’ve picked up some of Sasuke’s stress symptoms: headache forming over left eye. Hello aggravation. “Right, carry on then.”

And I’ve already turned my back to him, when something clattered to the floor and I heard a soft, “Fuck.”

Neji’s voice went wafting through my head: ‘Just ignore him’. So, I sighed and turned right back around again.

There’s the albino, biting his lip, dark eyes glazed in pain, free hand clamped tightly over the supposed injured limb.

I reached down, picked up the box, and waited for him to get a hold of himself.

When he finally did, that smirk came back full force. “Fuck, gorgeous. Are you coming on to me this time?”

I couldn’t kill the smile that grabbed hold of my lips fast enough, and I knew he saw it, but I shook my head and pointed at the front of the store. “March.”

The idiot gave me this huge grin as we started walking. “So,” he drawled, “do I get a fucking name?”

“Hyuuga.” No way in hell was I giving him my full name.

“Hyuuga…?” No way in hell was he not going to ask.

“Yes.” Bite me.

Despite being shut down, Whitey was looking smug. I didn’t even want to know.

I left him at the till as the cashier was ringing his purchase through. No, I didn’t pay for it. No, I didn’t want his name either.

I was already down the street and muttering to myself, when I realized that I had forgotten Sasuke’s painkillers.



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