(Sand Trails) Too funny

Jo: Right, so the next few chapters of Sand Trails are absolute crack. If you don’t know what that means, I have Ariel here to explain the term.

Ariel: Aww, thank you, dear! Alright, readers, here’s the down and dirty explanation.

Crack, dears, is quite simply a parody. It is something that would never, ever, even plausibly happen in canon (for instance, Kishimoto would never ever make Naruto and Sasuke hump each other in a lust-filled craze. Damn him). This implausible situation is then twisted to the point that you (the readers) may find humor out of it. Generally in the form of random outbursts of laughter and much holding of stomachs.

That being said, we (the writers) are not responsible in any manner, shape or form for any injuries caused while our audience is reading. Thanks!

Jo: Thank you, Ariel!
And if anyone would like to see more fanfic writing by Ariel, follow her blog (http://vaguelyhopeless.wordpress.com) or go to her FFN profile (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1371941/The_Sorrowful_Vampress).</shameless plug>
At the moment, we have chapter 12 edited. Chapter 13 should be done in the next day and then they will be both posted… and maybe chapter 3 will be ready for the FFN Wednesday due date. Hopefully.

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