How chaos is birthed

Ariel: The world must worry when Hidan and Deidara are in cahoots, just fyi–and omg I just got an evil idea for a minor plot device for the sequel.
Jo: Okay? What?
Ariel: Hidan and Dei are plotting something.Just trying to figure out what…
Jo: You realize, that with the way time goes by in our stories… Itachi and Sakura will be having an anniversary at some point.
Just sayin’… If you want an occasion for a prank.
Ariel: XD
Jo: Green jello goes a long way sometimes.
So… A prank between a guy who loves pain and a guy who likes combustibles...
Oh my.
Ariel: Lol. Yes.
Though we have to keep in mind that both are terrified of pissing Itachi off…
Jo: Are they? I will say they are wary, but I think Sakura will have mellowed him out some.
Ariel: Well yeah, wary’s a better word
Jo: Though… If they piss her off as well, nothing will be left.
Chapter 2 of ST has been edited and posted on FFN!


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