Naruto Monologues: Naruto and Kisame’s POV – Bad Touch!

Okay, not a monologue. It’s dialogue. Bite me.
Warning: Spoiler alert for chapter 24 of I Spy and for a certain aspect of Kisame’s sword.

Me to Ariel:  I just had this horrible idea: Naruto keeps pummeling the roof, and keeps injuring the two of them.
Kyuubi would heal Naruto and then Kisame would get his sword to bite Naruto, so that it would heal Kisame.


[Naruto] You want to what?!

[Kisame] It’s just a nibble, you pansy.

Ugghhh… Fucking vampire sword.

Then stop bringing the roof down you idiot!

But I don’t wanna stay in here with you! You’re blue!

What?! What’s with that look?

…I think… I’m hurt.

You just healed yourself!

Yeah–but now you’ve gone and hurt my feelings.

Well? You gonna apologize?

I am not making up with you!!

[Pakkun] Oh, get a room, will you?

[Kisame] Does this cave count?

[Naruto] EEEWWWW!


A/N: Kisame and Naruto. I swear, I will never grow old of those two.


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