Try, try, and try again.

Writer’s block sucks. It also shows up in different forms.

Sometimes it’s obvious. No ideas surface, the muse has left for a different country (possibly with a Time Lord), and what I do write is like pulling teeth from a cranky alligator, who is wide awake.

Other times, I swear I have a great idea. I get about a hundred or so words into the new document and I blink. And what I have written it fragmented crap that shouldn’t ever be published anywhere for anyone to read. Then I get bored and leave it for a month. Or two.

That stuff, I don’t even bother to refer back to once I start writing again. Should never have existed and is better off being an amorphous vague idea of events in my brain. If even that.

So now, I’ve been trying to write original fiction (GASP!). The problem is that I’ve discovered that once I get serious about my own story… the humor leaches out of it like water from a sieve. It ain’t fun.

It took me nearly two weeks to figure out why writing had suddenly turned so difficult. I figured, maybe I need to do drabbles. Nope. Didn’t even have the inspiration to do that.

Which brings me to today. Prankster got updated. I’ve been working on Accepted Obsession again (considering posting a chapter at 1k words), and yes, I am actually, actively working on a sequel to Blooming Rain (or rather starting a sequel – I plan on chapters).

Fanfiction has become my crutch in times of writer’s block. I’ve even been considering doing a story on Zuko and Toph from Avatar. *headdesk* Save me from the fandoms…

What does it all mean? It means I’ll be working hard to write something to laugh about. And if I have to give Gaara tuberculosis then so be it. He can’t hurt me. (Famous last words). I honestly don’t know if any of my stories will ever have endings, but I do plan on eventually giving them at least a middle rather than just a start.


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