Sand Trails Ch 8: Kiss or Tell

About ten minutes later, they were both seated as close as they could safely be to the fire, a blanket from Deidara’s truck draped over their shoulders. Sakura was nibbling on a donut, trying not to grin, and Itachi was just watching her.

He wasn’t trying to hide it. He’d already pointed out her shirt problem (she’d started yelling at him), and provided the blanket via Deidara.

Now that the anger was mostly gone, she appeared to find it hilarious, much in the same way Kisame, seated across the fire next to Tobi and Sasori, did. He kept snickering. So did Tobi. Sasori looked bored.

Smirking, Itachi leaned into Sakura and stole her new beer bottle. She was definitely worth bringing to the party.

When Itachi and Sakura had hauled their asses out from the water nearest to the fire pit, Itachi was sure that Lee had passed out from blood loss. From the shore, Itachi had taken two steps, seen Lee faint, and turned Sakura around by the shoulders. Sakura’s shirt had clung to the skin that it did nothing to conceal. He was sure his grin had near split his face in two.

The girl had tiredly slapped at his hands, asking what his problem was. She only realized what was happening when the smug teen had told her, that no, it wasn’t a problem. And that it was all hers.

Sakura gave him a glare. “Hey,” she protested. “Thief.”

“This is the best party ever,” Kisame proclaimed. “In fact… we should get everyone together for a game or two…”

Tobi perked at this. “Yes! And Tobi will get them, since Tobi is a good boy!” He surged to his feet and darted away before anyone could stop him.

Kisame grinned and rubbed his hands together, staring across the fire. He very carefully didn’t look down… while Sakura was glancing his way. “We should play Kiss or Tell,” he announced, just as Pein came over curiously.

“Oh gods,” Sakura groaned. She shot Itachi a Look, one of those ‘I didn’t believe you, but now I do’ ones.

Kisame winked at her. Pein quirked a brow. “We’re a little old for that…”

“Afraid someone’ll kiss your girlfriend?”


“Chicken.” Kisame leered at Konan, whose eyes narrowed.

“Play,” she growled to Pein.

He blinked, turning to look at her. “What? But–”




He stared at her in shock, then sighed. “Oh gods.”

Sakura burst into hysterical giggles. “This is so dumb,” she said, watching as the last few arrived. Tobi, Deidara and Neji. Deidara was being dragged.

Lee, who had overheard, perked. “Yosh! This is surely a trial of YOUTH!” he cried, glancing in Sakura’s direction.

She knew that look.

Pein heaved a sigh. “Fine, fine. It’s not like we have any reason not to, and it’s a lot less dangerous than the show for later.” He glanced at Konan. “Mostly.”

As people sat down around her, Sakura saw Tenten’s eyebrows shoot up and her mouth fall open. Neji calmly reached over and lifted it shut for her. Oh right.

“Itachi-kun,” Sakura hissed into his ear. Interestingly, she noticed a slight tremor go through his shoulders when she did that. “I need a better shirt.”

Her date twisted around under the blanket and gave her an arch look. “Hnn,” he replied. She glared back at him.

He shrugged, and moved out from under the blanket. Then he smoothly peeled the black shirt off his chest and down his long arms. Sakura’s jaw dropped. Holy mother fregggitpbbbtt~*…

It took her a moment to acknowledge the shirt that hung before her eyes. Even then, she numbly pushed it aside to clear her view of pale skin, stretched over lean muscle. Her brain rolled over and took a look. Hey, she thought muzzily, I’ve missed those pectorals.


She blinked. “Huh?”


Her eyes glided over the hips lines she had been visually licking, and slid their way up the grooves of the abs, over the adored pecs and bumped up the collarbone to roll up over his chin and into his eyes.


He shook his head and dropped down to his haunches in front of her. “Sakura-chan,” he repeated. “You’ve dropped the blanket.”

“Blanket?” she repeated dumbly, blinking at him.

“Can I touch it?” came Tobi’s mesmerized voice.

Touch? Touch what? …wait… Slowly, she looked down at herself. Oh, yeah. “Oh,” she said faintly.

“Sakura-chan,” Itachi said patiently, fighting a smirk. He dangled the shirt in front of her again, catching her attention. “Put this on, would you?”

She nodded like a little girl being instructed what she should do, and took the shirt. Obediently, she slipped it on. Her eyes were glued to his chest again.

“Damn,” came a familiar voice, snapping her out of her trance abruptly.

Her head whipped around, and she realized how very close Hidan was. Emerald eyes widened, then narrowed. “What.”

Hidan was unconcerned. “Was just enjoying the view… like everyone else. You too, apparently.”

She felt a familiar heat burn her face. “Oh.” Don’t look at him, don’t look at him, don’t look, don’t look, don’t look… She looked.

The muscles were still there. And gleaming. Fire light did that. They looked so warm. And smooth. It was even better when they moved. How wonderful it was that they moved on their own! It was like watching silk slide over… over… more muscles.

And they felt warm! And they were smooth–and soft and firm at the same time. And when they shifted… Sakura felt a rumble in her throat and blinked her eyes open. Did she just purr? She looked down. Her hands were warm… and–and her fingers had half curled around the smooth contours of Itachi’s pectorals. Geyaah!

Abruptly, she leaned down and picked the blanket back up, thrusting it out. Her face felt like a volcano, and she was no longer cold, dammit. “Itachi-kun, please wear the blanket,” she said, all in a rushed monotone.

He was smirking, and grabbed her hand slowly, over the blanket. “But you looked like you were having fun,” he commented. “I wouldn’t want to–”

“Blanket. Wear it. Please.” She repeated, not looking at him.

Chuckling, he threw the blanket around his own shoulders and pulled it closed. “Very well.”

“Well, that was fun,” Kisame said instantly. “Game? C’mon; show’s over guys.”

Tobi pouted. “Damn.”

“Good boy my ass,” Hidan added. Then he smirked. “So basically… all we gotta do for free live porn is have Itachi fucking strip, yeah?”

Kisame snickered. Tobi brightened. “Itachi-san?”

The Uchiha, suspicious but curious, looked at the other male. “Yes, Tobi-san?”

“Take off your pants.”

Sakura gasped. “Oh, hell no!”

Pein decked him. “Stop being a dick.”

Tobi giggled but subsided. Kisame rolled his eyes, saved the incident to his mental file, and moved on. “Who doesn’t know the rules?”

“Rules for what?” the brown-haired, hoodie-wearing boy from earlier asked. Beside him was a familiar blonde that had arrived just ten minutes ago, and was glancing at Itachi with raised brows.

“Kiss or Tell,” Kisame clarified. A few moments of murmurs passed and he clapped his hands. “Great! Who wants to go first?”

About five hands went up. He surveyed the volunteers and snickered.

He pointed at Tobi. “No.” That hand went down, slowly and sadly.

He pointed at Hidan, “Are you an idiot? No.” The albino’s hand lifted into a one finger salute and then dropped.

He pointed at the guy in the hoodie, “Really? Really?! Put your fucking hand down.” That hand went down with a gust of hearty laughter.

Kisame blinked at the dainty hand raised. He looked at the owner of said hand. She glared at him. “Uh… no,” shark boy said slowly. It almost sounded like a plea. “Maybe later, Konan?”

She scowled, but dropped her hand into her lap.

The last hand raised was–Kisame grinned, relieved. He could keep his skin. For now. “Pein-san! Go ahead!”

Pein nodded and surveyed them all suspiciously before abruptly turning to his girlfriend. They glared at each other for a moment. “Are you really planning on hitting on her?”


A beat passed. He sighed. “I feel like a parent.”

“Shut up and kiss me, dick,” she retorted.

“You answered.”

“So? Kiss me, or else.”

“Fine, fine,” he grumbled, and obeyed.

Kisame coughed when it started to get a little too steamy (Sakura was really red over there, too…) “Uh… guys? Game?”

Konan shoved her boyfriend away. “Game.”

“Right–Next!” Kisame grinned. Having Itachi drenched had a great effect on Sakura, but maybe they should have drenched Sakura first. Gleefully, he glanced around the circle again. A few new hands went up, but many of the previous ones had returned.

“Fuck, you guys! Give her ten minutes already!” He laughed. The hands from before lowered in a show of mutters. Kisame took in the left overs.

“Neji-san.” Kisame pointed and smirked.

Neji spun to face Tenten. “You were staring at him.”

“Is that your question?” she retorted.


“Uh huh. Doesn’t sound like one.”

His eyes narrowed on her. “You’re not going to answer?”

“Nope,” she replied simply.

Those eyes narrowed further. He sighed, and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. He wasn’t one to let them watch.

“Oh, that was so lame,” Kisame said, and took note of Sakura’s expression.

She was smiling. It was one of those ‘aww, that’s so sweet!’ smiles that girls had.

Neji glared at the blue boy. “I will gladly kiss her again… when you’re far away.”

“At this rate, all the couples will split into separate camps,” Kisame muttered. “One for hedonistic beliefs, and the other for the cock-blocked parties that got dumped.”

The latest volunteer sniffed and settled back into the sand.

Kisame stood. “Next!” he barked out. Drill sergeant eat your heart out! he cackled. Hands went up.

“Huh.” Kisame tilted his head and shrugged. “Tenten.”

She grinned, and shrugged at her boyfriend. “Sorry Neji, but I’m curious!” she said and picked her way around the fire to stand right before Uchiha Itachi. She didn’t notice the pink-haired girl to his left narrow her eyes.

“Itachi-san!” she greeted. She paused, eying him up and down, and thinking. “I heard this rumor…” Her eyes darted to Sakura. “And, obviously, some of it at least is true. The rumor states that big, bad, much sought after Uchiha Itachi’s got his eye on a girl… and is playing for keeps. Is this true?”

The male arched a brow and cut his eyes at Sakura as she gave a little squeak. She didn’t do anything else, so he returned his gaze to the questioner. “Hnn, yes.”

She tilted her head, and nodded. “Okay. Thanks for answering.” She smiled, gave him a little wave and walked back over to sit with her boyfriend.

The majority of the rest of the group’s hands went up.

Kisame stood up. “Well. Fuck.” He turned to grin at Sakura. He watched as her face went pale, then red, then pale again. Her eyes just couldn’t get any huger could they? “Screw you guys. I’m asking.”

He took the two steps to reach Sakura and crouched down. She looked up at him with a determined glare, but she didn’t flinch back nor did she hide into Itachi’s side. Kisame softened his grin to a smile.

“Kiss or Tell, chickie. Here’s what I want to know.” He looked her in the eye. “Are you ready to take Uchiha Itachi-san seriously as a boyfriend with intentions?”

Her expression froze. A boyfriend? And her face paled. And oh gods, that was… way too fast. Could she admit that? Could she tell an entire group of people that, no, she wasn’t ready? Not for anyone?

She could feel their gazes on her, but she couldn’t answer this question callously. That wouldn’t be nice, and… Sakura shook her head. “No.” She didn’t look at Itachi. “Really, as much as I enjoy hanging out with him, I’m not going to rush into anything like that.” Again…

Shark boy smirked and rocked back on his heels. “Thank you for answering, Sakura-san.” He rose up to his full height and nodded to Itachi. His friend rolled his eyes. Yeah, I may be an idiot, ‘tachi, but you gotta admit. You wanted to know too, Kisame thought.

Sakura’s answer had not been a surprise. It was the right one though. Kisame hummed as he returned to his seat. “Next!”

He had figured that once the biggest gossip generator had run its course, the numbers would go down. Not so.

“Holy shit. You people are piranhas.” Kisame walked around the circle, knocking hands aside and down.

He sighed and stared up at the stars and allowed fate to dictate. He grabbed a random hand and pulled. “You!” He looked down. “Oh, hey. Yeah okay. Go for it Temari.”

Temari smirked and looked around the circle. She eyed Hidan, then Itachi, and then Sasori. “Eenie, meenie, minie, moe.” Her finger pointed at Hidan.

“Oooh, baby.” She walked over and stood before him, and they were easily the same height. “You’re not gonna answer anything I say, are ya?”

“No shit, Sherlock,” he replied, and grinned.

“Really?” she asked cockily, taking a step forward to bring her mere inches away.


“Good!” She winked and jerked him into a kiss. This was not the polite waitress from the Tea Shop. And that was not the sort of kiss polite waitresses indulged in.

Sakura looked like she was going to faint, and Lee was cooing about spring.

After several seconds of tongue twister, Kisame rolled his eyes. He grabbed Itachi’s soggy jacket and flung it at them. “Moving along!”

Temari broke off with a delighted giggle and wriggled her hips. Hidan had slipped his arms around her waist and slid greedy hands down her posterior, firmly bringing her hips snug to his.

“You need to let go,” she reminded him and wriggled again. Hidan groaned and his fingers just gripped harder.

“Don’t wanna… fuck,” he ground out from where he had buried his face in her neck.

She snickered. “Oh, so you don’t want to fuck?” She twisted out of his arms and Hidan staggered a step forward blinking.

“Fu–What? YES!” He gasped out in a rush.

“Too late!” Temari sang out as she skipped across the circle to her seat.

Kisame picked up Uchiha’s sodden jacket from the sand as he walked over to the abandoned Jashin. He draped an arm around Hidan’s shoulders and sighed. “That was sad, man. Anyone ever tell you to watch your mouth?”

“FUCKING HELL!” Hidan burst out. “You!” He shook a fist, and a finger, at the smirking girl.

Sharky firmly steered him towards his seat. “Aw, sit down you idiot.” He slapped the jacket to the albino’s chest. “Cover up man. You’re showing wood.”

“She–then,” Hidan trailed off whimpering. “Motherfucker…”

Shaking his head, Kisame looked over at Temari who was grinning full-out. The hoodie guy next to her was clutching his sides and dabbing at his eyes with the edge of the hood.

“Oi, Tem. Knock your brother out before he cracks a rib will ya?”

The girl nodded and slapped the teen upside the head. “Yow!”

“Anyway. Next.”

Kisame watched as the hands sprung up again. Randomly he spun on his heel and after a few rotations, he stopped to face Deidara. Who had his hand up. Sharky’s lips quirked. Well sure. “Dei. Go!”

The blond grinned and turned to face Sakura, without getting up. “Where’d you learn that stuff you mentioned at the pizza place?”

The pink haired girl blinked a few times. Then she relaxed and smiled, glad it wasn’t another loaded question. “My dad,” she replied. “He runs a repair shop, and we talk about stuff when I visit.”

The blond nodded. “Okay.”

Tall, blue and unimpressed, snorted. “Dei?”

“What, un?”

“Just to let you know.” Kisame glared at him. “Your question sucked.”

“Sit on it and spin, un.”

Laughing, the other teen turned and yelled, “Next!”

Hands, hands and more hands, Kisame mused. He stood in the circle and slowly looked around.

Hard eyes caught his attention and the big boy stopped to quirk an eyebrow at her. “Sure. Go, Konan.” Kisame retreated to the edge of the circle.

She got to her feet and made her way to stand in front of Sakura. Sakura scowled slightly, mentally chanting, Just answer the question

Konan got down on her knees in front of her, and smirked. “Would you fuck him?” She flicked her eyes pointedly at Itachi.

Sakura’s face turned red. Instantly, the word cheater came to mind. In her head, Ino came into the circle and smacked Konan across the face, declaring her a whore and a rival for the Queen of Cheating. Then again… Sakura blinked. Would I fuck him? Her blush faded, then roared back.

Meeting Konan’s eyes, Sakura lifted her chin, despite her heated cheeks. “If he dropped his pants, yes.” Beside her, Itachi snickered softly. Touché.

Konan stared at her for a moment, then grinned. “I’m definitely stealing you away.” That said, she got up and walked calmly back to her seat, where Pein was giving her a Look.

Kisame stood up cackling. Pointing to one side of the ring he announced, “Sex addicts go to that camp–” He swung his arm to the opposite side, towards the water. ”–wet socks go to the other.”

Earning glares from at least two boyfriends, the teenager shrugged. “Just making things clear is all.”

He dug into his packet and pulled out his cell phone. Checking the time, he called out, “Next!”

“We got time for just a few more, so gotta make this quick.” Kisame added and looked up blinking as Dei shot up in a blur of sand. “Well… okay.” They all watched as he made surprisingly fast time across the dark stretch of the beach.

Kisame shrugged. “Eh. Next person will be…”

“Next person will be Tobi!”

The blue boy rolled his eyes. “Hands up, Tobi. Not shout out, you retard.” Sighing, he shot an apologetic glance at Sakura before nodding. “I know I’m going to regret this, but I shouldn’t play favourites. Go, Tobi.”

Tobi pumped his fist and hurried over to Sakura (who had slowly stood up when Kisame glanced at her). “Tobi is a good boy. Will you let good boy Tobi touch your amazing boobies?”

Her fist landed nicely in the center of his face, sending him stumbling back, tripping over a log encircling the fire, then falling off to the side (thankfully). Sakura sniffed. “Denied.”

Off to the side, the game’s master was rolling on his back roaring with laughter. “I think I’m going to piss myself!” he crowed.

The pink-haired girl gave him a tight grin. “You’re welcome, Kisame-kun.” She sat back down.

It took a few moments, but Tobi got dragged to the side and Kisame stopped wheezing. He staggered into the circle again. “Fuck!” He grinned. “Well, that was fast. Next?”

This time Kisame didn’t bother with theatrics. He pointed. Sasori stood up. Kisame sat down.

The redheaded male eyed the females around them, considered Sakura for a beat, then walked over to Konan. “I find myself curious… If you do somehow manage to obtain Haruno-san, will you leave Pein?”

Konan tilted her head. “Nah. He’s a good fuck.”

“Aah.” Sasori hummed, and then went back to his seat.

Back at the familiar part of the circle, Kisame fell over with a huff. “Laaaaaaaaame,”’ he groaned. “Next!” he belted out while still on his back.

After a moment, Kisame lifted his head from the sand and blinked. “Sakura?” He had sat right next to her after all.

She tilted her head, waiting.

“With all that you’ve been picked on tonight, Hell yeah. Go for it,” he muttered to her. “Sakura-chan is up!” he yelled.

Sakura grinned. “Thanks, Kisame-kun,” she said, and he waved her off. She took a deep breath and slowly turned on her heel to face her date. “Out of curiosity, and I know I could probably ask you this later, but I figure it’s in the spirit of the game…” She paused for half a breath, and his brows lifted. “What do you think of me? My looks, I mean.”

“Hnn.” Itachi leaned back in his cocoon of itchy wool and looked her up and down. Then he did it again. He lifted a finger and twirled it in a circle.

Boasting bright red cheeks, Sakura did as asked and slowly turned around in a complete circle.

“Hnn.” He beckoned her closer, and the girl dropped to her knees in front of him. A long finger snagged the collar of his black shirt and dragged her up against the wool.

Itachi leaned in and Sakura’s breath stopped. “I think I’ll cheat,” he whispered. She gasped and tried to pull away, but the black-eyed ninja dropped the blanket, snaked a hand around the back of her neck and brought their mouths together with a mumbled, “HOT.”

His lips were smooth, and his tongue slid across the seam of her mouth as his hands curved around her shoulders. Her eyes fluttered closed, her hands landing on firm shoulders. Oh, fuuuck…

And, as if a sign from the Gods, the first fireworks went off at that exact moment. Sakura didn’t notice. Neither did Itachi. Kisame, however, smirked at the cliché-ness of it and wondered if Deidara had done that on purpose.

Sakura, without even really thinking about it, had somehow ended up in Itachi’s lap. Whether it was because she crawled into it or he dragged her, she didn’t know. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and allowed her lips to part.

A shiver sliced down her spine when his tongue darted into her mouth, caressed her own, and reluctantly pulled out. A few more passes, and then they were parting for breath. She opened her eyes and met his unblinking gaze.

“Woah,” was all she could say. … wait, no. She could also mutter, “Cheater.”

Itachi wrapped his arms around her waist and squeezed. Then he smirked, “You gave me a choice between answering an obvious question and kissing you for the first time.”

She shrugged, still feeling a little bowled over. “It didn’t seem like an obvious question to me.”

“Did you think I wasn’t thinking ahead when I dragged–” Itachi closed his eyes sighing, and then suddenly snickered. “Let’s just say that when I saw you running around in that white shirt, I wanted you wet.”

The girl in his arms choked at the double meaning, but he pulled her closer before she could wriggle away. “Oh, I wanted you wet all over,” he admitted.

“So you pulled me into a lake?!” she gave a strangled laugh.

He grinned. “It worked,” he said plainly.

She laughed softly and shook her head. “You are just…” She stopped, searching for a word, then changed her sentence. “You are really unpredictable, you know that?”

Itachi hummed and arched a brow. “I am as predictable as you are,” he retorted.

A rather loud bang went off above their heads and Sakura winced at the noise. “I think Dei wants our attention.”

He hummed in agreement and helped her to her feet, and they turned to watch. After a few minutes, Pein pointed out across the lake. “Watch,” he said, as fountain fireworks half buried in the sand all over the beach abruptly went off. None was near them, thankfully.

They all directed their gazes across the lake, and Sakura squinted. “Is there a building there?”

Pein nodded. “It’s a condemned cottage; rotting and falling apart. Watch,” he commanded again.

The pink haired girl shook her head, gaze flickering over the beautiful fountains as they finally flickered and died. Then her eyes lifted when she heard a crackling. The building on the opposite beach was lit from inside, and then–

With a deafening boom, it exploded in a shower of colorful sparks. Three huge fireworks shot into the sky in tandem. One a dragon, and another a flower, and the third a red cloud, with the kanji for ‘Crimson Moon’ in the center.

Sakura sucked in a breath at the display. It was beautiful. The fireworks, the colors… Deidara had even made blowing up a building fantastic! This was really something…

The warmth at her back curved around her, and Itachi’s lips hovered over her ear. “Told you that the entertainment would be excellent.” He chuckled and added, ”And you could have asked him about the boys bathroom.”

“I forgot.” She leaned back against him. “I was too busy being picked on by mean teenagers,” she said jokingly. Itachi was ridiculously warm…

“Hnn,” Itachi rumbled. This close to him, Sakura felt the vibrations rise up and felt his exhale on her neck.

He rested his chin on her shoulder and tilted his head against hers. “I did not expect you to be ready for a serious relationship,” he said abruptly.

“Wha–?” She twisted in his arms and stared up at him. “You aren’t mad?”

He shook his head and snorted. “Kisame was being an ass, but he was serious.” He glanced away from her and locked eyes with a grinning blue-skinned teen. “Second date?” Itachi huffed, “Only gold diggers plan to get married so fast. Even then, the planning is well in advance by then.”

Sakura burst out laughing, drawing both their gazes. “That’s… so funny.” She was slightly hysterical with relief, she knew, but she was really glad that hadn’t upset him! He was really nice (er, well, he was interesting and wouldn’t lie… outright), so it would have really bummed her out if he had dropped her because of that–though, with her experience, it wouldn’t have surprised her.

A quaking over took Itachi’s body and Sakura looked up sharply.

Itachi was silently laughing, eyes bright, lips smirking and his breath coming in short gasps. “No,” he gasped out. “What was funny was Hidan’s own mouth cock-blocking him!” He gurgled and collapsed onto the sand, laughing out loud this time.

Sakura made a soft noise of disbelief and stood there, hand on hip, watching her date clutch his sides and wheeze for breath. She was about to reach out to him and help him stand, when with a wet flap of fabric, an abused jacket was dropped on top of its owner. She jerked back and looked up.

Kisame grinned down at them both. He shook his head. “Get a hold of yourself, Uchiha. Before someone figures out that you’re human.”

Sakura snorted. “Too late,” she teased, smiling strangely. Most of the time, this boy looked much older than her, but when he was laughing like this… he actually looked his age. It was incredible.

The prone teen on the sand, dragged the jacket off his face and held it away from his body. He shivered. “Fuck, Kisame. This thing is cold!”

Sakura laughed. He looked so offended and open, and normal… She shrugged to herself. She wasn’t ready for a huge commitment, but she was definitely willing to give a try with Itachi.

Stooping down, she slipped an arm under Itachi’s armpit. On his other side Kisame did the same. With the blue guy helping, bringing the half-naked man to his feet was an easy task.

Taking a moment, Itachi straightened and took in a deep breath of air. Sakura couldn’t help but reach out and softly trail a hand down the front of his chest as he did so. He simply smirked and leaned in for a quick kiss.

Then he rotated his shoulders back and exhaled. Twining an arm around Sakura’s waist, he turned to his blue friend. “Hungry?”

“Famished; let’s ditch the Pyro and the Zombie Brothers and go get some grub!” Kisame said, and winked.

Sakura cocked her head ever so slightly. “Aww, c’mon. Deidara-kun deserves a freaking medal for that stuff.” She turned pleading eyes on Itachi. “Let’s bring him with, and just ditch the other guys.”

Kisame shrugged. “The Zombie Bros could take the junk car,” he pointed out.

Itachi observed Sakura’s pleading looking for a moment, then took his jacket in both hands and draped it over her head. “Kisame, go get Deidara. I’ll leave the keys with Pein.”

The tall boy chuckled as the girl screeched under the cold wet clinging fabric of the coat. “I’ll be going then, ya?” He laughed and went off shouting for the “Pyro Master”.


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