Okay, so I’m in AWE.

Author’s name is Vathara. She (or he) has written so many fanfiction stories it makes my brain hurt. There’s style, and attitude, and spirit, and sheer BRILLIANCE in basically all of the stories.

There – that’s the profile. I finally finished the Avatar story that’s been going on since the fall of ’09. It’s…. insane, and wonderful, and even more insane in that it makes sense, the research is obvious and I can stop geeking out about it and I need to write something of my own now because I’ve been inspired but I can’t because my wrist is still demanding that it has a few days left of vacation.

… We had a deal, me and my wrist bones you see. It won’t hurt as long as I wear the brace, and I don’t start writing until the new ergo keyboard shows up… It’s in the mail.

Good thing I have so much material. Which reminds me… I need to post the next chapter of ST!


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