Credits of Awe

Today is the day that I give credit to Ariel for some stupendous work that she’s done for Sand Trails. At this point in the story, it needs to be expressed before other readers get the wrong impression.

As this is a high school story, ST needed a schedule. Sorry, not one schedule, several schedules. Like a dozen or so. For all the different characters. It hasn’t been all that apparent yet, but it will be later on in the next few chapters. Or rather, when the story gets back to school. Anyway. Ariel made up schedules. For EVERYONE.

We debated who would take what courses and which electives, but ultimately she created a chart with student names, teachers, times, electives based on grades… and then colour-coded the entire mess. And eventually she did it for TWO SCHOOLS (What? you thought we’d leave Suna out of this love?). Schedules Example

I will not try to split up the characters based on who wrote whom, but I will say this. Ariel does an awesome Hidan and has an absolutely brilliant take on Sai. For myself, I think I do a decent Itachi and I adore writing Kisame.

Anyway. That’s all. For now. *cough* I LOVE YOU ARIEL! *cough*


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