Naruto Monologues: Sasuke’s POV – MIA Updates

Warning: Story spoilers for I Spy chapter 14.


You were dead!

Sakura? Why are you kissing him?

[Naruto off to the side] Well if you had actually shown up at the beginning, you would know, teme!

Shut up, dobe. And… Wait–When did you start using a blade?!

Aaauugghh! Why didn’t I get newsletters for this kinda stuff?

Friggin’ spy network. Completely useless. They’re all watching Kisame bathe.


A/N: Yes, I’m a Kisame fan.

Sorrow: Kisame?
Azhwi: *innocent blink*
Sorrow: They were all watching Sasuke bathe, honey.
Azhwi: My monologue.

… Even though, technically it isn’t a monologue as Naruto managed to get in his say.


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