Naruto Monologues: Kisame’s POV – Why People Stay Dead

Rated: T (for language)
Warning: Spoiler alert for chapter 14 of Ariel’s I Spy and other previous chapters.


Aa? Aa?! You sick fuck! Do not Aa’ me!

You are going to buy me something just for the hassle you put me through!

Best partner ever; doesn’t tell me a goddamn thing, then takes off!

I catch up and you confuse the hell outta me and threaten me.

I meet up with you later cuz you had your sorry ass fucking nabbed by a whiny bitch and a money-monger!

Then you go home and get yourself executed!

Executed! Who does that these days anyway?

So after that, ‘Oh hey. Yah, he’s dead.’

Okay. So, I’m sad. I’m depressed. I’m pissed off cuz you can’t keep your shit together without me, apparently!

And then, I find out–just maybe–your sorry ass is still dragging itself around in mundane horror city!

I find you in a coffee shop and you have the nerve to ‘Aa’ me!

And now you want me to buy fucking coffee?


A/N: A pissed off/venting/relieved Kisame was too much fun to not write. Parts of this was used in I Spy. All of it was inspired by chapter 14.


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